Thursday, June 14, 2012

Because He Can

Depressing, deplorable, death knell.

Last month David Corn noted that Mitt Romney was claiming that "government" would control half the economy once Obamacare was up and running. He's still saying it, and today Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post gives it a score of four Pinocchios and says Romney should drop it. "No amount of tweaking will get it right," he says.


It also doesn't matter. Politicians have increasingly discovered over the past couple of decades that even on a national stage you can lie pretty blatantly and pay no price ...

Lots of politicians are probably still reluctant to lie too brazenly because they're still working under the old rules, where the national media might call you on it and it might actually make a difference. The smart ones have figured out that this isn't how it works anymore. Romney's one of the smart ones.

And he demonstrates it, daily, hourly, minute by minute, with each breath he exhales. (In the time it took to write this, another lie emerges... It'll never stop. Plus he keeps repeating old ones, ones already definitively disproved. Just this morning, before Obama's speech on the economy, The Rominee said, once again, that Obama has not signed a single trade agreement. The guy is pathological. How can anyone support him? Don't they even care, not even a little, about truth?)

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