Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rock/Hard Place

Not to be too maudlin about it, the comments to my previous post have been much appreciated, and, even, touching. Talk about your rock and your hard place: there's been a lot to write about lately, some of it even less repetitive than most. So it's been hard to hold my tongue/fingers. On the other hand, I still find tension and frustration welling up whenever I read my former usual sources; and, so far, I've managed to click away before it boils all the way to the surface.

Were I still blogging, surely I'd have posted this. Probably I'd have expressed amazement at Roberts' vote, and amusement, with links, to the right wing reaction. Noted that it's sure to galvanize the generally misinformed Obamacare-haters, and wondered the effect on the election.

I guess I'd have mentioned the perfect symbolism of tweeters saying they're moving to Canada to avoid socialism. Teabagger transcendence. Perhaps, for those old enough to get it, I'd have connected to this, too.

And, if I'm worth a shit at all as a blogger, I'd damn well have asked readers to read this.

Given the blatant and revelatory politicking of the vote to hold Holder in contempt over "Fast and Furious," it'd have been hard not to have written about this. Pointed out, I assume, that the program was Bush-birthed. Bad idea then, bad idea now. But conspiracists will have their day, won't they?

So who knows? Fact is, I've been feeling a little less stressed since the high-ate-us, and have found time to read for the pure pleasure of reading, non-political things. Which is very nice. But, given that I've considered this blog mostly an outlet for personal decompression, it's been quite something to read those aforementioned comments....


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

If I had more time, I'd type a long post about how youre one of the few liberals I can tolerate (and even look forward to) reading and trust for mildly biased but mostly accurate information. I'd mention how useful I found the opinions of more "real" conservatives that you've recommended. I'd also include how your book, which originally drew me here, helped solidify my choice to pursue medical education and surgical subspecialty training (all the open bellys at 5am were not my thing).

If I had more time, I'd also mention that getting too worked up about stuff you can't change is unnecessary stress and that if its good for your mental health to take breaks from politics, then by all means, do it, but know that your sputum laden internet rants (along with Frank's retorts) will be missed.

If only I had more time......


p.s. I agree with Roberts decision and, most importantly, his rationale behind separating it fron the commerce clause and calling it what it is, a tax. It's still quite bizarre to have liberals celebrating the passage of a mandate touted by republicans in 1993, though.

Diana said...

Oh there you are! Yay! Let me say that I was stricken when I read your finito post. It has weighed on me what to say to you when others far more eloquent than I have shared my same feelings.

I came on to post something then saw this wonderful piece with little diamonds sprinkled through. Please Sid, write what you want and when you want - there will always be an audience here looking forward to receiving your thoughts and ideas. Sometimes jumping off that hamster wheel for a day, week or month is highly satisfying and restorative. If you feel the itch to post something please don't hold back. *chuckle* We love when you don't hold back!

Thank you a thousand times for all that you have written.

Sid Schwab said...

PT: I think it's much more bizarre (if entirely in keeping with their current attitude toward working together) that Rs abandoned it the minute Obama bought into it than that liberals accept it.

And I've always said I preferred a single payer/Medicare-for-all model; but the difference between liberals and today's Rs is that we're willing to accept less than we want in order to provide for the greater good.

For millions of people, the ACA is a godsend. For most Americans, it'll make no difference at all: they'll keep what they already have; and, despite what they're told by the RWS and Fox "news," they'll keep their doctors, won't face "death panels." Better still, they won't lose insurance if they get sick or lose their job; and they'll be able to get insurance even if they have preexisting conditions.

Might even see the cost of care go down, too.

For today's Rs, it's the work of the devil to even consider helping those in need. And if that's what you call "sputum laden," recall the cheering at the R debate for the idea of letting people without insurance die.

It's probably worth noting that Roberts was essentially the only one of the nine who saw it as a tax, for whatever that's worth. The rest saw it as a mandate, four thinking it was the most horrible thing that ever happened, and four thinking it was okay as such.

It's interesting to me that the "penalty" for not getting insurance is, for most people, a pittance; far less than the price of buying it. Seems like lots will opt for that, and make out like bandits.

By the way, PT: did you see the post preceding my sayonara that was just for you?

Diana: kind words, indeed.

Frank Drackman said...

Was I right? Was I right?
OK, not about the Surpremes(I STILL can't believe we don't get to vote for these guys)
but about your "Hiatus"
Jeez-us(who at least kept his word about not comin back right away) I've taken dumps that took longer than you've been away, a week? thats not even long enough for the Mariners to get even more irreverent, its not enough time for the memory of Seattles former NBA team(ONE Black elected official in the entire state?)to grow even dimmer.
And hey, gotta give you credit, only 1 RepubicKKKlan in the whole government for Obamacare, but its the one who counts...
And amnesty, SSM, and Obamacare's Soooooooo Popular, I here Romney's not even goin to Iowa/Wisconsin/Minn-a-Soda/Michigan/Ohio/Pennsylvania/New Jersey/Va/NC/Florida...
Anyway, congrats on the "W"(that wouldn't have been possible without that Mongoloid Bush)but it's not over till the Fat lady sings*

*Seattle sports quote

Wild-Ivy said...

Oh so happy to see you back today! Come and go at will....we will still be here when you "visit". And blog about ANYTHING you want. Politics sometimes (in this age of vitriol) makes me want to just hide out and ignore it all occasionally too.

Sid Schwab said...

Frankie, lucky I'm not the sort to speculate why it would take you a week fully to empty yourself of fecal material...

Frank Drackman said...

Its an Anesthesia Thang, you wouldn't understand.
You know, sort of how like how your state has ONE BLACK ELECTED OFFICIAL...
no wonder the DemoKKKrat Conventions 3,000 miles away.
And no remarks from the Peanut Gallery, I like to ENJOY my basic bodily functions, thats how Evil-lution works, no need to squat and run, worrying that some Saber-Tooth Tiger's gonna give you a new orifice...
And I like to multi-task while I'm takin a dumpie-wumpie.
Readin "War & Peace" as I type this...


Anonymous said...

"Politics sometimes (in this age of vitriol) makes me want to just hide out and ignore it all occasionally too."

I understand the feeling, but ignore them at your peril, because politics are not going to ignore you!

The fascists have plans for us. And if they win, none will be able to ignore what they enact!

I believe that the long-term goal of all this republican ugliness is to -

1. Incite the support of the violent and ignorant with raw meat.

2. Bludgeon the intelligent into dazed nausea and submission.

They already have the violent and ignorant pocketed; if they succeed in making intelligent people turn away (like Sid) the game is theirs.

So it's hold your nose time and don't look away. For evil to succeed, it requires only that good people do nothing.


Sid Schwab said...

I hear you, Eugene. I'm sure I'll be back to "full" time before long; although, I'm also sure it makes no difference. By which I don't mean that speaking out makes no difference: just that my tiny corner of cyberspace is far less populated than areas occupied by the RWS™. And even those with an audience, have far less of one that the RW sites and sounds.

And the not-fair and not-balanced network gets the last word, because the so-called liberal media has been cowed into giving undeserved balance to lies and deceptions. So the lies get repeated and not refuted, and eventually they become, for political purposes, truth.

Anonymous said...


Remember the light of The Phial of Galadriel. In the lair of Shelob, Sam held it up to blind the monster; then, he gave her a wound so devastating that it drove her into hiding and so saved Frodo.

He used it again to get past the tower of Cirith Ungol; and each time he used the star-glass it became brighter because of his courage.

One small being, armed with light, prevailed against all of the power and numbers of the enemy. So can you Sid!

Truth is your light Sid; and truth will illuminate the darkest times and corners.

You must hold that light high and never despair of numbers.


ROF said...

Well, well. Selfishly, my days may be getting a little brighter again w/your return. I skip checking in for day & look what transpires.

I would add that I very much enjoy reading most of the responders & their comments upon your posts. 'Nuf said there.

Judyy said...

SO relieved that you haven't gone away just yet. After all, I've only just discovered you, and you seem to have been saying some of the very things I've been thinking, only I haven't taken the time to write them down so eloquently. Please stick around a little longer. Pretty please?

Anonymous said...

Dr Schwab, thank you for a follow-up. Your first "ending" post was troubling, as I get so much info and sanity from you. Please post whenever you want, folks like me depend on your insightful, rational posts and comments.

You rock, Sid :)

Thank you for all you do to keep the rational world alive.


Anonymous said...

Then allow me to explain your somewhat peculiar bathroom habits to anesthetically naive.
Frank is a member of a sub-species of anesthesia providers whose main habitat is either the toilet or the surgery lounge reading the WSJ and watching faux-news with their feet propped up. In case of an actual emergency involving patient care, do NOT attempt to engage his attention. It will only confuse him, without doing anyone any real good. You can see by the irrelevancies of his posts how easily confused he becomes, and how little he actually understands despite his arrogant demeanor.

And thanks for the New Yorker link, Sid..



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