Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sic Transit Gloria Veneris


Anonymous said...

I saw it through my 3.5" Questar Duplex - even got a reasonable photo.

I spent a couple weeks getting ready, checking weather reports planning alternate viewing points in case of cloud cover.

I bought tint 13 & 14 welders helmet panes and eclipse rated cardboard glasses so that we could all see the spectacle in different ways

It was nothing like what we saw here, but the feeling I got from seeing the transit in real time, in my backyard was pretty intense.

Glorious in fact!

But - I must say it - I am addicted fractured Latin phrases:

"Sic Transit Gloria Mundi"*

*Monday, Gloria was very sick on the streetcar."

And My new translation:

"Sic Transit Gloria Veneris"*

*Monday, Gloria got an STD on the streetcar!

Couldn't help it.


Timmyson said...

Wow. Just gorgeous. I love false-color pictures of the sun. It's a shame that hunk of rock was in the way in most of the shots eh?

Seriously, thanks for sharing. I didn't even think to look for gorgeous shots like that, I was mostly following hobbyists (where I was the west coast, it was cloudy, and I didn't have any equipment).

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