Saturday, June 9, 2012


And for a nicer ending:

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Anonymous said...

Bravo! I'd forgotten about those anecdotes attesting to Romney's "cute" bullying when I replied to an earlier post about his boorish remarks. What a guy!

Moreover, I've thought long and hard about the dog-traveling-atop- car incident and conclude that whether or not a dog would suffer if it could be made perfectly comfortable in such circumstances, that experimental course of action wouldn't even occur to most people - precisely the reason it made news. Romney's solution is only imaginative in terms of the sometimes astonishing exigencies used by tyrants and other megalomaniacs to further their ends, but which is filtered out by the critical thinking process in typically decent, creative people. On a related note, I agree with your assessment in another post, that brash, linear thinking is indeed primitive which, of course, begs the amusing question: How is it possible to ignore the ironies provided by persons of the anti-evolution (actually, anti-science) persuasion?


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