Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fangs For The Memories

You know it's being said, right? Somewhere, as the fever rises. Obama somehow glammored (a True Blood reference) David Petraeus into his affair so they'd be able to kick him out before he testified about Benghazi. The plan is even more diabolical because, like birthing a half-breed in Kenya so he could take over the US, it took planning well before conditions that led to it were even in place.

For a moment there, I thought the spectacle of the Fox "news" meltdown on election night might have caused its endumbed followers to peel at least a couple of layers of scales from their eyes. For how could it have been more clear? They hire people to tell themselves, and their zombied watchers, what they want to hear, believing it will magically make it all true. It's been apparent forever that Fox viewers buy the bullshit in Costco quantities; but I really didn't know the extent to which the purveyors thought it was true, too. Wanted it to be, so badly, that they believed.

When the hated New York Times decided to hire someone to give its readers the best possible election polling information, they chose Nate Silver. Fox hired Dick "dick" Morris. It speaks volumes, although, evidently, it'll only be heard by those who already knew. Since the election, Fox carries on its dissembling, and the hatred and disinformation just keeps ramping up.

When the tanks don't appear in our neighborhoods, carrying Muslim UN troops, rounding up kids into FEMA camps and making people pledge allegiance to Sharia law, maybe a few will reconsider their paranoid hate and ask themselves why they had it. Probably, though, they'll just find a new excuse to keep on hating, the human mind -- gods' greatest creation -- being as flawed as it is.

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