Saturday, November 3, 2012


Naw, who'd believe it? Too heavy-handed, unoriginal, preachy. Someone sends in a script wherein there's a guy running for president who made hundreds of millions by shorting businesses, then hid his money in the Cayman Islands. While running away from that record, he's trying to keep attention on his opponent by lying about his own and his opponent's records. Pretends he's for eliminating tax breaks for rich people. Never mentions his own. Cayman Islands = Bermuda Triangle.

In the background is the fact that the hero is a member of the party, and a proponent of its economic policies, that a mere four years ago had left the economy in ruins.

To make his point even clearer, the writer has it that the current candidate and his party have all but disowned their previous president. Name not mentioned anywhere. Didn't exist.

In this fantasy, the race is close. Ironically, a mere three days before the election, the president whose name must not be spoken shows up as featured speaker at a $4000/seat conference on hiding money overseas. The venue is in the Cayman Islands, the very location of millions of the current candiate's tax-sheltered bucks. And, to make his point even more obvious, the screenwriter pens that the former president has made his speech absolutely off-limits to all reporters, recording devices, even to the most general characterizations of it.

Sorry, genius. Too stupid, too clumsy. Nice try. Next time, if you want to make a point, write something believable. This is America, land of the educated voter.

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