Wednesday, January 16, 2013


From what I can tell, the President's proposals and executive actions on gun control are sensible. Those that require Congressional action, of course, don't have an armor-piercing chance in hell. Which won't keep the NRA and its crazy wing from screaming, "See, we told you so. He's coming for our guns."

Because "he" can't. Congress could, but won't. Even then, they really couldn't "come for them," even if they passed a law. Nor, with the current Supreme Court, is an assault weapons ban likely to be upheld. And if it were, people would have a choice: keep their weapons or turn them in. I don't see those "patriot" groups having a problem with holding on to their firepower even if it were declared illegal. But it'll sure as hell be a money-raiser, won't it?

As to the rest, what can possibly be wrong with background checks, resuming research on gun violence, with police agencies sharing information, and with providing more security?

I suppose if there were a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity clips it might make it slightly harder for an individual with no connections to get them. So, go for it, Congress. But there are so many out there that it's silly to think a ban would make much difference. And, given that inarguable fact, I'd like to see the President use his political capital (whatever that is) on the things that might make a difference. In his executive orders, he might have done all that's possible in our current political climate, skewed as it is toward the crazy.

Absent voluntary action by gun owners (ain't gonna happen) we'll never get rid of those military grade weapons. And no one is talking about ending recreational or hunter-gatherer ownership, monster-under-the-bed fantasies notwithstanding.

So, let Congress do its inevitable time-wasting and posturing on gun control. Let the crazies craze. The president took what action is possible, and I think it was bold and brave and admirable of him. And, no doubt, he'll suffer consequences. (We will, too, but less than him, as we'll hear the doomsday and hateful rhetoric flowing from the sewers of society.) But we have an economy to deal with. And education. And infrastructure that's falling apart.

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