Friday, April 5, 2013

I Really Hate These People...

I don't like hearing myself write that title, but how much crap from Congressional Rs do we have to take? Doing just what Rs demand of him, President Obama, royally pissing off liberals, has proposed cuts to Medicare and Social Security. And their response? In the mouth of their tobacco-stained supposed leader? Derision. The opposite of engagement, of even the slightest acknowledgment of movement. He, and all of them in Congress from that sad excuse for a political party (and their mendacious mouthpieces on their propaganda network) are simply assholes. Truly. No kidding. By definition. They have no more concern for the country they claim to love than Mitt Romney did for the 47%. To them it's all a game of ego and self-aggrandizement. Governance is a swear word.

It's beyond disgusting. In their naked partisanship, their desire to besmirch Barack Obama at all costs, they reveal themselves to be the worst of American political reality. In a rational world, the very sight of   it would be so repulsive to any thinking voter that they'd have no chance of being reelected. In such a world there'd be bidets next to their toilets because even toilet paper would refuse to get near them. This is putrefactive scumbaggery at its most destructive. They stink up the place like my exam room when I drained pilonidal abscesses and cleaned up myself so my assistant didn't have to come in.

In my case, at least, we could open a window and leave the room vacant for an hour or so. In the case of Congress, Rs crowd in to inhale the odor and wallow in it.

I really hate these people, and it's too fucking bad.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting how the republicans and North Koreans (two sides to the fascist coin) always seem to vie to outdo each other.

They both employ the mad dog tactics of fear, superficial moralism and facile patriotism to trample people underfoot, or - at the very least - bore everyone into submission.

They are both rotten to the core, but as with fish, they rot from the head down!


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