Friday, April 26, 2013

This Week In Republican Bullshit

Republicans are outraged -- outraged, I tell you! -- that the sequester they forced on us is causing problems. Politics -- politics, they tell you! -- are being played by that Kenyan Nazi in the White House:

That's why it's hard not be be at least somewhat amused by the mock congressional Republican outrage over the problems that started to be felt this week by airline passengers because of the sequester-related furloughs and other personnel changes at the Federal Aviation Administration. 
It's amusing because the air traffic control slowdowns were totally predictable. At least 70 percent of FAA's expenses are personnel-related so it was inevitable that the 5.1 percent across-the-board sequester cut would be felt in everything the agency does including -- or especially -- in its primary function: managing air traffic. When you set up a system like sequestration that requires an agency or department to cut every program, project, and activity by the same percentage, and when an agency's spending is mostly for salaries and other compensation-related expenses, it's not hard to see from the start that there has to be an impact on the number of people doing that agency's work. 
No amount of outraged statements from Senate and House Republicans changes that budget reality.
We are in the thrall of assholes.

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