Saturday, April 20, 2013

Too Depressing For Commentary

I don't think I'll have anything momentous to say about the Boston bombings, other than these two things: 24/7 news coverage is atrocious; and both sides have tried, even with such a horror, to score political points. I'd say the comments from such as Ann Coulter and Nate Bell and others of their ilk are worse than the things said from the left, like Nick Kristof, who immediately took his back. Still, as depressing as it is to think there are people in the world capable of murdering innocents, including not only bystanders at a marathon but abortion doctors and gays, to fulfill what they see as religious obligations, it's nearly as depressing to witness the venal and putrid spewing from self-important commentators and elected officials, using the occasions to reveal their disgusting stupidity for all to see.

(On the other hand, and not to be ignored, is the amazing work of government and law enforcement working to identify and find the Boston perpetrators. I could insert a comment about getting our money's worth from our taxes, but I won't.)

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