Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Uh Oh, Teabaggers Ain't Gonna Like This

Those damn evidence-based bleeding-heart reality-testers are at it again:

Worried that public schools are failing to prepare students for a complex and changing world, educators unveiled new guidelines Tuesday that call for sweeping changes in the way science is taught in the United States, emphasizing hands-on learning and critical scrutiny of scientific evidence.
Among many other changes, the guidelines call for introducing climate science into the curriculum starting in middle school, and teaching high school students in detail about the effects of human activity on climate.
The guidelines also take a firm stand that children must learn about evolution, the central organizing idea in the biological sciences for more than a century, but one that has rallied state lawmakers and some religious conservatives to insist that alternative notions like intelligent design be taught. 
Though they could become a focus of political controversy, the climate and evolution standards are just two aspects of a set of guidelines containing hundreds of new ideas...
That sound you hear is multiple heads exploding all through the South, in one Congressional district in Minnesota, in Wasilla, and throughout the lesser halls of Congress.

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