Monday, February 3, 2014


You knew, didn't you, even before he gave the speech, that Rs and their screamers would be yelling about the dastardly power grab by President Barack Hussein Obama when he announced a couple of intended executive orders. "Imperial presidency." "Ignoring the Constitution." "Abuse of power." "Nazi Muslim Kenyan Marxist Terrorist Anti-Christ." "Bad, bad lawless president." This, they say with faces straight as Larry Craig, after making it clear from day zero that their only legislative goal was to obstruct the president at every opportunity, prevent him from accomplishing anything. No matter the toll taken on the country for the love of which they claim sole proprietorship.

The above chart is a useful contextualizer. Its major shortcoming, of course, is the factuality of it. Data, and stuff. Meaning it will, in no way, nohow, before Hell chills, ever, till cows fly home or bears shit wood, cause a moment's reflection in (oxymoron alert) teabagger minds.

Boy oh boy, it's hard to be generous to these people.

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