Monday, May 12, 2014

How Low Can They Go?

This guy is a popular right-wing blogger. Quoted and featured frequently on Fox "news." And this -- is there a more descriptive word than scumbag in this case? -- creature, this lionized leader of the left-haters, has this to say about those kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls:

Sorry Libs, The Schoolgirls Have Already Been Sold, Put on Canoes and Shipped to Chad
So good luck bringing “our girls” back.You’re too late.
There's simply no equivalent of such disgusting behavior on the left. And if there is, in some greasy corner of the internet, he's certainly not given the sort of soapbox this toxic sludge is. Any chance to denigrate liberals. Any chance to mock the President of The United States of America or, in this particular case, his wife (go to the link if you must.)

And if it's true, which it is, that such lowlifes will always be with us, what bothers me even more, by far, is the voters that empower such people, who follow their lead, who listen to the propagandists on Fox and on the rest of their polluted founts and think they're being given the truth; and then, knowing that this is what their side does even in the halls of Congress, keeps electing them anyway. And they call themselves Christians. Why, if they really are, haven't they risen up en masse and demanded better? Stopped giving validation to abominations like this? Are there no responsible conservatives any more? Ones with morals in action instead of in words declaiming their virtue?

This guy gives buckets of slime a bad name. (And not just him, of course. And more.) Gloating. Because innocent school girls have been kidnapped and liberals are trying to do something, anything, even just expressing hope. Finding it amusing that the girls might be gone forever. For wanting to learn. Mocking liberals for caring. Maybe he was born that way, maybe his parents abandoned him under a bridge somewhere, someone found him, brought him back, and they slammed the door on them. Maybe he got bullied by his sister. Explanation, not excuse.

But those on his side of the aisle who don't shout him down as the despicable subhuman he is, who vote for their Bachmanns, Gohmerts, Palins, Brouns. Who listen to Rush and Glenn and Sean and Ann and Laura and keep them on the air. What's their excuse?

(Added: and, like the rest of his ilk, on whatever subject they choose to effluviate, he's wrong.)

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