Friday, May 23, 2014

Night Is Day, War Is Peace

If the above doesn't validate the point I made in my previous post, nothing does. These people have been played, manipulated to perfection; cynically, destructively, dishonestly... and magnificently. Distracted and deceived into caring more about gay marriage than about discerning who it is that's trying to maintain their social safety net, they've been made blind. It's simply flabbergasting.

And deeply depressing. The cynicism of today's Republican party is exceeded only by its undeniable effectiveness of messaging, of targeting the most vulnerable, convincing them that up is down, getting them to look in the wrong direction, all the time.

It becomes obvious pretty fast that most Americans simply don't know -- and don't care -- about politics. I read stuff all the time; I talk to friends and relatives who are deeply involved and interested. Not all of them agree with me about all things; but we have in common a level of concern and a level of awareness that, it turns out, is decidedly the exception. People reading this (the number rounds off to zero) include some who disagree. But at least they're reading it, at least they actively seek information; and, most certainly, from much more in-depth sources than this pitiful blog.

So it's easy to forget how deliberately and carefully misinformed so many people are. It explains the unexplainable. Republicans of today have succeeded beyond their dreams, in denigrating education, in providing those few seekers of information with distortions and disinformation and making them think it's the truth.

If you consider gay marriage and abortion the worst things that are happening in America, well, at least it makes sense to vote Republican. But to acknowledge the value of social programs and still to vote Republican because you think they're the ones trying to protect them? It's simply unfathomable. But there it is. I really do live in an ivory tower.

What sound does a towel make when thrown from that height?

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