Monday, May 5, 2014

Speaking Of Supreme Court Activism...

According to the article from which the above is taken, both sides do it. But, clearly, those right wing, lying, activist, "Originalists" do it more: rationalize their rulings to fit their personal leanings. The current crop of self-righteous "referees, calling balls and strikes," as John "I'll do as I do, not as I say" Roberts would have us believe, are by far the worst offenders. Is anyone surprised?

Like the politicians and oligarchs whose interests they represent, the last thing on their mind is following the law as originally intended, or concern for the welfare of anyone but themselves and those with whom they agree.

[And then there's guys like this, who make the S.C. judges seem like Solomon. (Although I'd bet what's left of my left nut that Scalia and the rest of the fanatical four agree with him entirely.)]

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