Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Whoa. Health Is Healthy!

Until the inevitable (if we still exist by then) change to universal single-payer, I'll continue to believe our health care system, with its unnecessary and indefensible dependence on insurance companies, makes no sense. The Affordable Care Act does nothing to change my mind; but at least it's provided millions of people with access to health care that was previously unobtainable.

And -- stop the presses!! -- it turns out that access to health care improves health. Yes, in Massachusetts, home of the Republican plan of mandatory coverage on which the ACA was based, health has improved since its implementation. Boy, who could have predicted that?

And yet Congressional Republicans and their mouthpieces on the air and their purposefully misguided followers would rid us of the Act, returning us to the days of recent yesteryear, with no alternatives in mind. Why? How can that be? What is is about providing access to health care that they find so appalling?

Oh. Yeah. The ACA, unlike Bush's Medicare Part D (and his wars) is paid for. There you go! Paid for. Spending money on people other than oneself. There's the rub. Rubublicans.

We're truly in an Orwellian world, where truth is fiction and lies are truth. And now -- not that it's news -- there's the latest report on the devastation already occurring because of manmade climate change. To which Republicans would have us respond by doing nothing. By lying about it. By calling Obama's efforts at mitigation nothing more than "a war on coal." It's literally sickening.

Foxophiles, far more than any group, in addition to their hatred of affordable health care for anyone but themselves, disbelieve in climate change, while considering their favored "news" source fair and balanced. Using that very term, even as it was made up for them. Flushed down their brains by Fox. Believed because they say so. Against all evidence. To their and our detriment. But, of course, to the undeniable benefit of their corporate Koch-loving sponsors.

We are truly become a nation of idiots. How blind do they have to be before they notice they're walking off a cliff?

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