Friday, June 13, 2014

Putting Up

Call me crazy. You wouldn't be the first.

Here's what I'd love to see happen: President Obama says to McCain, and Graham and Boehner, who are among the most strident in demanding we get our invasion on again, bring back the band, "Okay. You got it. Get together and gimme a plan. We'll put your name on it. Grab a general or two if you want. Lay it out, detail for detail, contingency for contingency; tell the world exactly what your goals are, how to achieve them, when we'll know we've done it, and what to do afterward. Lay it on the line. Commit to it, tell the troops and their loved ones how you'll support them, pay for them, care for them when they get back, the ones that do. Do that, and I'll announce where the plans come from, who's responsible -- namely you three (and sure, toss in Doug Feith if you'd like -- and I'll do it."

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