Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be Afraid, Teabaggers. Be VERY Afraid

Read the names here; then, consider the impacts of (and, likely, a big part of the reasons for) the right-wing desire to stop immigration, even legal immigration, of non-whites. Consider where the future of our country lies, in whom the vestiges of the "American Dream" reside, the belief that hard work combined with good (i.e. non-bible-based) education will lead to success.

Fearing hoards of reality-based and motivated people, the leaders of our right-wing America-lovers not only want to close the doors to our country, but to our schoolhouses and voting booths. They may not be stupid themselves, because they're damned successful in their efforts; but those efforts are predicated on the stupidity of their voters, and are aimed at maintaining high levels of it across the prairies and beyond the mountains, from sea to warming sea.

If there's any hope for our country at all, it's in those kids and in the hints that they and the rest of their generation are not so hate- and fear-filled, so willfully ignorant as the one infecting our present-day body politic, like necrotizing fasciitis.

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