Friday, June 5, 2015

Searching For Just The Right Words...

Really. So this is what Rick Perry chooses to campaign on. "Obama's war on religion." Virtually admitting he has nothing important to say, among all the actual problems we face, he picks one that doesn't exist and lies to pretend it does; to pander to that slice of the Foxolimbeckified population that actually believe it. Wearing leather.

Oh! I think I just found the right words: despicable smarmy dishonest cynical puke. And that's as generous as I can make it.

[Update: I won't take it down since I already posted it and people have seen it, but the above video is from his 2012 campaign. I'm gonna guess he'll bring it up again; but since he now wears glasses he might try to mention something real. We'll see.]

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