Monday, June 1, 2015

Simply Amazing

Well, maybe it's just a reflection of the weakness of the entire field that a governor who's presided over the crushing failure of his state, who'd apply those failed policies to the entire country were he to win, and who hasn't even officially declared yet, leads the pack in a latest poll:
Scott Walker's popularity streak in Iowa is real: He's seven percentage points ahead of his nearest competition in the presidential horse race here, chased by a tight pack of four in a clear top tier: Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee.
Okay, the poll refers to Iowa, the inexplicably important focus of all serious presidential contenders; and it places Carson and Huckabee, the former a know-nothing panderer and the latter an increasingly mendacious grifter, right up there, too. So, yeah, I suppose it really is just because they're a remarkably appalling collection of lightweights; still it's pretty amazing.

I have to assume that those who approve of Scott Walker have no idea of what he's done to his state, that they like what he says about taxes and teachers and unions (and evolution!), and either deny or approve of his being a puppet of the Koch brothers, because, hey, it's a comfy little bubble in which to live, and it's what they hear on Fox "news" and right-wing radio every day. But at some point, even to teabaggers, isn't reality sort of a thing?

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