Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Bankruptcy Of Ideas

Among Donald J. Trump's more ridiculous claims is that he'll eliminate the national debt in eight years. Not the deficit. The debt. Gone in eight years. While cutting taxes "enormously" and increasing military spending. Right. Evidently he has a beautiful version of arithmetic; the best. Like no one's ever seen. He has a beautiful brain. And now we know a key part of his plan: he'll demand that those to whom we owe money accept, like, fifty cents on the dollar. Amazing plan. Terrific. The best. Winning. Fabulous deals, is what he'll make.

Well, other than, you know, ruining all confidence in the US and causing a global economic collapse. I don't think you need to have an advanced degree in economics to understand the idiocy of such an idea. Trump, of course, based his success in significant measure on avoiding financial responsibility for his business fkups by using bankruptcy laws. Like, four times. Because, hey, what kind of yuuuuugely successful inheritor of millions cares about the people to whom he owes money? Fine for an amoral businessman. But for the U.S. of exceptional A? Not so much. Well, it's what he knows.

Really and truly: the man is a self-absorbed idiot whose main accomplishment is to have picked exactly the right time to hop the prefabricated idiocy train which is today's Foxolimbeckified version of a political party. Would this bizarre and clueless idea move any of his followers to realize how unprepared for and, no matter how many people try to polish the turd*, incapable of the presidency? Not likely. Because whatever it is they see in him, it has nothing to do with competency. How could it?
* You can't polish a turd. Read my book for context.

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Smoothtooperate said...

Trump wins no matter what. He knew that from the start and saw a weak field. They all saw a weak field and that's why 50 idiots ran for the red team nomination. They were all trying to catch lightning in a bottle and willing to say and/or do whatever it took. But yeah, Trump wins, win or lose the POTUS seat.

Hillary should appoint Trump court jester.

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