Friday, May 27, 2016

Good Old Days

"I hope not," he says.


Dr Strangelove said...

Wow, that would make a powerful commercial! A fitting close might be:


Mike Thompson said...

I find it interesting that all at once big RNC donors ( Koch, Adelson etc) are endorsing Trump for president. I think the answer will be found when the R convention ends and the veep candidate is announced. The Bush/Romney base will make sure one of theirs is the nominee, who will then succeed Trump when (1.he gets bored and wanders off, 2. he is convicted on fraud charges for one or more business ventures and forced to resign rather than face impeachment charges 3. as a last resort,is eliminated through violence of one sort or another. The Bush cartel will then have their man in the WH and will appoint another shill as a VP replacement. Farfetched? Not so much if you think about what has happened in previous elections.
In any case we should make sure hard core Trumpies get this message loud and often prior to the convention in Cleveland and demand the Donald split off from the party and run as an independent. With the Libertarians already split off, the R's will face certain defeat. Now all we have to worry about is Hillary...

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