Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trump The Destroyer

Donald Trump's career as a businessman is characterized by bankruptcies from which he's managed to escape profitably while ruining the people below him. And it's been one of seeking vengeance on those who've crossed him. Many, including me, have pointed it out, and have wondered how that will translate now that he has the power of the US government to seek and destroy. Not that it was ever a mystery; but now we know:
WASHINGTON — There's a Texas state senator with a new target on his back, courtesy of President Donald Trump and the Rockwall County sheriff. 
At a meeting Tuesday with sheriffs from around the country, Sheriff Harold Eavenson complained about a state senator who wanted to make it harder for law enforcement to get control of assets forfeited by drug traffickers.  
"Do you want to give his name? We'll destroy his career," Trump offered...
That senator's effort, by the way, was to require conviction before assets are taken. Because "civil forfeiture" has been abused across the land by many a police agency, and people are finally catching on. Not Trump, of course, because it's a little complicated.

Meanwhile, does anyone really think he was kidding about destroying the guy?

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Melissa said...

And yet so many people are so sure he's going to be good for the country because he's such a "successful" businessman!!

Sidney Schwab said...

I read yesterday that he had to ask whether it was a strong or weak dollar that helped the US economy. Great, great businessman. The best.

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