Monday, September 4, 2017

Nasty. Harmful. Stupid. It's Just Who He Is.

My first thought about Trump's plan to end DACA was anger at his usual needless nastiness, his playing to the worst of his base. And the typical thoughtlessness of him.

My second thought was, after reading the deportations would be deferred for six months so Congress could deal with it was, well, that makes a certain amount of sense, so, okay maybe.

My third and probably final thought was, wait a minute. That's bullshit. Because either the crazy wing will manage to codify the end of DACA, or, more likely, Congress, already with too much on its plate and having shown its inability to do much of anything, will gridlock up to and past the six-month deadline.

So it's cynicism2 effluxing from the Gold House: gratuitous meanness and a ploy to place blame on Congress. Either way, deporting people who arrived here illegally as children but who've become productive residents is despicable. It serves no good purpose. But when has "good" ever entered into Trump's thinking, other than when followed by "for me"?

In this case one would hope it's not even good for him. Sure his alt-right marchers and rally attendees will love it. But I think it'll be too much for (theoretically existent) decent people who, for some reason, talked themselves into voting for him. Among them there simply must be a few with compassion. Or, absent compassion, the ability to do math.

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