Sunday, September 24, 2017

Trump's Katrina? No. Far Worse.

Note to Donald Trump: Puerto Rico is part of the United States. Its citizens are American citizens, and they're in extremis. Instead of acting like a child over athletes standing up to you, how 'bout marshaling all the powers of the government, including the military, to get food and water there? How 'bout sending generators and fuel by the boatload?

You idiot. You self-absorbed third grader. Would it help if we sent skin-lightening cream first?

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Fonzirelli said...

and sunglasses and golf clubs? Priorities appear to be as described, its all about the money. oh and the wall is still high priority for the tax plan to succeed. The citizens in Puerto Rico need help, thanks for the perspective, Sid.

Gary Levin said...

All he has to do is send one carrier or an LPD down there and hook it up to their grid and supply power !! to whereever they need it. Unless the grid is completely down...I am sure FEMA can supply a thousand or more generators.

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