Wednesday, February 25, 2009

B and B

I was at a lecture series last night, so I watched Barack and Bobby online. I have a few thoughts.

It's incredibly distracting to have to watch Nancy Pelosi pistoning up and down like a crazed crankshaft. Her thighs must be throbbing, and that's not an image I wanted to take away when I clicked on. In fact, the whole bobbing spectacle of congressfolk thrusting themselves in and out of their chairs in some sort of parapatriotic dance-off with the other side is a perfect image of their collective vacuity.

On the other hand, our president was in fine form, saying things that both sides needed to hear. I'm certain that if the author was unknown to them, most on the right would have said they agreed with most of his words. In some alternate universe -- one doing much better at the moment than ours -- it might have happened. I'm looking for a wormhole as we speak.

I figured it would be strange the minute I saw Bobby Jindal appear in a setting meant to evoke a president walking down that White House hall to a podium. Except that he came only half-way, and from the right, bouncing boyishly with a silly grin on his face. Uncaring of the irony, he declaimed as if he'd not even heard what Obama said, which happened to have contradicted most of his points. And he used Katrina as an example of why we shouldn't trust Obama!! OUCH. Guess he missed the point of the election: the people voted out BAD government, in the hope for and belief in GOOD government.

When you get dumped on by Charles Krauthammer, who could -- and did -- rationalize every failure of the Bush administration and who has never found a worthy molecule in Barack Obama's body and never will, I'd say the great hope and future of the Republican party failed to measure up. But he didn't have much to work with. As one of my mentors liked to say, you can't shine a turd. I give him credit for trying. Too bad he sounded like this.



Superior Parrot said...

Pelosi has smiled so much I think her face is frozen that way. And it irritates me to no end.

BigIslandMike said...

"Faeces non Simoniz" was one of Block's laws of surgery (George E. Block) when I was at the University of Chicago from 1966 to 1970. Sounds like other mentors were using the same idea. Thanks for bringing it to this situation.

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