Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yeah, I know this is pissy, but it's something that bugs me. Besides, I'm getting kinda tired of the whole political scene (not to mention the same old, same old from a couple of useless trolls who refuse to say anything interesting or thoughtful or even entertaining.) So here it is:

My best blog, Surgeonsblog, despite lying fallow, still gets comments and questions. Likewise, I volunteer a little help on a couple of online medical fora; so I get requests for medical information or advice not rarely. I like it, in general, because (as opposed to this blog) it makes me feel useful.

More often than not, a perfectly reasonable question -- or even one that goes on too long or requests a diagnosis or advice based on no information at all -- ends with the phrase, "Please help." I know it speaks ill of me, but I find that very annoying. Is it that it's pathetic? Or manipulative? I'm not sure. After all, I wouldn't be there if I weren't willing to help. Is it emotional blackmail? Whatever it is, it grates. And it grates that it grates.

Of course I never say anything about it; I just do what I can (or can't) to help, and come over here and gripe.


Sili said...

I honestly don't know.

My guess would be that people are just desperate when they're reduced to asking for stuff on the net. They prolly don't realise how ... 'pathetic' it sounds.

Glad to hear you're getting back to the surgery. Not that I'm not enjoying this place (well, *some* of it), but that there can be little doutbt that cutting up people is very dear to you.

#1 Dinosaur said...

What else are they supposed to say? "Thanks for your help" when you haven't helped them yet? Do you also get all bent out of shape when someone begins a letter, "Dear Dr. Schwab"? You don't even know this guy, so how "Dear" can you be to him? It strikes me as just a written formality; no need to get your Depends in a bunch.


Sid Schwab said...

I said it was pissy, o wise dino. But since they're already asking for help, why the need to say please help?

What else are they supposed to say? How about "thanks in advance," or "thanks," or "sincerely, Joe," or "I appreciate any advice," or "Let me know what you think" or "do you have any advice," or "what's #1 Dino's address, he's a much better human than you are."

SeaSpray said...

Well...it is gracious of you to help when so many blogging docs do not and that is understandable too.

At 1st..I thought oh no..that's me! Then I quickly realized that I have never said to any doc on the net "Please help" because I know they are worried about lawsuits..or it is a hobby and they are NOT working on a stranger's behalf.

In your blog you have indicated you appreciated questions and you keep the good ones on file for post ideas... which is a good idea.

I know you have helped me at various times...particularly with some posts during winter 07 when I was very afraid of the risky surgery.

I have never begged a doctor, nor will I... but I HAVE begged TECH support. :)

And I agree...it is desperation!

They aren't thinking about how you feel... just how desperate they feel at the moment.

When I was first hired for emergency registration... my new boss told me to remember that everyone who comes to the ER to be seen...thinks THEIR emergency IS *the emergency*.

These people are *feeling* their emergency and it doesn't occur to them it is making you pissy.

At least they aren't being rude or trolls.

We ALL have our things that make us pissy.

Mine is a 787 billion stimulus package... that was rushed to be sent in on Friday so no one had TIME to read it and then everyone goes away for the holiday weekend.

There could've been 3 days to review it for those on both sides that cared too.

THAT makes me pissy... and jaded!

I have a feeling my clarifying my *pissy* has activated your pissy. ;)

Just remember..even if annoyed at me... You are still one of my favorite bloggers and I really wish you would please (not begging) do a surgical post in other blog. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, it is very informative, and educational, and occasionally funny. Please cheer up already, we need you to keep blogging, so take a vacation or something. you might be going through post election withdrawel,but you sound very depressed. take it easy and try to lighten up. take care-

Anonymous said...

do you ever get a question so annoying you just don't reply? Any ways I appreciated your article on large mural thrombus in the adominal aorta, and connection to acute inflammation of pancreas.I guess it is rare, but I actually had a patient with acute onset of pancreatitis, the md had ordered a repeat ct scan of abdomen, which showed large mural thrombus. Pretty cool. Funny thing though the radiologist, actually dictated the report, and didn't even list it under the impression. He just wrote no acute change from previous ct, which had been done 4 days prior, which did not show the thrombus initially. Even though it was including in the findings in the report dictated, he just did not list it under impression section, (aka-Most important findings). Funny, I thought that might be a critical result to be called immediately. I don't know what the outcome was, b/c when I returned to work the pt had already left. Any ways we notified md before end of shift via message, b/c we figured the md would want to confirm with radilogist actual findings. Opps, sorry this must be one of the long annoying rambling questions. Please just disregard, and just know the article was appreciated.

Sid Schwab said...

I've never disregarded a medical question, no matter how bothersome. Some people expect an opinion based on virtually no information, for example. I most certainly have ignored questions on my political or religious rants; I appreciate and respond to good, tough ones. Crazy, not so much.

I had a patient in whom a mural thrombus of the portal vein was missed on CT scan for other abdominal issues. I actually sat with the radiologists and went over the films, directed at other areas. It wasn't found until the patient developed ascites later, and was there in retrospect. Would have altered care, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

cool,appreciate your comments. thanks again.

Anonymous said...

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