Friday, September 25, 2009


Funny, huh? As opposed to the terrorist "plots" uncovered by our great defender, GW Bush, which involved a couple of incompetent crazies lured into fakery, under our new president -- the one who supposedly is weak on terror and abetting our enemies -- potential terrorists have been arrested who had actual plans and were in possession of the actual means to carry them out.

Just saying.


SeaSpray said...

I think that is great! Thank God!

But they also stopped people during Bush administration. Thank God!

Sid Schwab said...

Point: missed.

SeaSpray said...

I think it is a good thing that under *both* administrations... these evil people are being apprehended and I hope will continue to be foiled.. always... regardless of who is in the white house.

Sid Schwab said...

Point: explained.

Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is that terrorists didn't screw around much during the balance of Bush administration? They waited until a weaker president was in place? Yes--you make a very good point.

Or your point is that, in spite of liberals crying that no one would try it again in the United States, jihadists are still trying to organize to kill Americans? You still have a good point.

Or maybe you're applauding mechanisms for protecting Americans put in place by Bush and Cheney--the Patriot Act, for instance. Again, you look pretty smart there.

And given all these good points, I imagine you'll be writing to congratulate the president for pretending to "postpone" closing Gitmo--he'll keep it going, which is the smart thing.

Dr. Time

Sid Schwab said...

Two commenters, two points missed.

I'll admit "during the balance of Bush administration" was a good one, though.

SeaSpray said...

Well said Dr Time. If I smoked..I'd have a cigarette!

Sorry Dr S.. I did read your link.. but still agree with Dr Time.

Also.. Dr S, don't forget the would be terrorists picked up at the Mexican border.

"liberals crying that no one would try it again in the United States, jihadists are still trying to organize to kill Americans"

Could that be why they don't talk about it?

Anonymous said...

For an educated person, you are incredibly ignorant.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to add:

Mmmm, mmmm, mm!


SeaSpray said...

Oh Gosh! That whole having the *kindergarten children* praising Obama in song... is shocking and disturbing.

I would be FURIOUS if my child was in that class. Would not trust the school given the fact that the principal would do it again.

You can't sing Christmas Carols in the Christmas program.. oh wait.. the Christmas program had to be changed to the winter program... because they aren't allowed to acknowledge Christmas break. The word Christmas is offensive to young students.

But it's okay to foist your political views on young, impressionable children.

What the heck is going on. All the traditional values that we grew up with and have been a part of our nation are tossed out... pledge of allegiance,prayer even when students want to pray with their coaches... but by's okay to promote a political leader.

I want to see them praise Bush, Reagan and every other president.

I want all little children to sing the praises of G W Bush...mmm mmm mm!

Where is the press on this... the fair and balanced press?

Can you just imagine msnbc,cnn,abc,nbc,cbs and all the others if some teacher had them singing the praises of GW Bush?!No matter what the reason? the airwaves would be jammed. We'd have "mmm mmm mm" FATIGUE!

But... the silence is deafening.

And... YES... I would be equally up set if they did sing praises about a specific president the way it was done.

Sid Schwab said...

Okay, I'll try to speak in words you understand. My point was that the right wing accuses Obama of accommodating terrorists. Yet under his administration, an actual arrest of a guy with the actual means to do something happened. Bush's arrests all turned out to be empty.

The point, though, is that Obama is NOT doing anything to weaken our ability to find terrorists. And people who've read what I've written will know I've ALWAYS said that the way to protect ourselves is with good intelligence and police work. And I've said I agree with Bush's surveillance, except that there's no reason why it couldn't have been done legally.

So what, exactly, is it you agree with, Seaspray, that is different from what I said? Cigarette? Because he, what, said nothing that disproves or disagrees with what I said? My point has always been that there are terrorists and that we need to be vigilant and that Obama has done nothing to weaken that. (And, of course, that invading Iraq did nothing to help.)

"Liberals crying that no one would try it again." That gave you an orgasm? Which liberals? That's a perfect quote for you to love (and for Dr T to have written): completely non-sensical and based on nothing. If you can find an example of ANY thoughtful person who's said that, I'd love to hear it. It's the sort of thing you hear on Fox which has absolutely no basis in fact. And certainly nothing you've ever seen here.

Which, of course, is why I said "point: missed."

And what, exactly, is it, A-1, that shows ignorance? What have I argued with which you don't agree? That we need to find and arrest terrorists? That Obama is doing it, unlike the claims of his detractors? That the ones Bush touted turned out to be fizzles? That police work and intelligence gathering are necessary?

But thanks for taking the time to provide such an eloquent and illuminating comment.

SeaSpray said...

as I said..I'm not a smoker.. but don't smokers light up a cigarette when they're satisfied after a good meal..with a cup of coffee..whatever. Dr Time's comment satisfied me... hence the psuedo cigarette lit up... in my mind. :) otherwise translated as my feeble attempt at humor. :)

And.. I would still ask about the terrorists that were stopped at the Mexican border? and we don't know of all the threats with any administration... and just as with Gitmo.. probably won't meet the January closing date.. again.. because Obama is finding out.. it isn't as easy as he thought and terrorist concerns/strategies look different behind the oval desk.

Sid Schwab said...

And here comes Seaspray again, righteously angry about the latest Fox news outrage. Where's the media? How about this?

Or how about schools forcing kids to hear religious teaching, ie creationsism? I suppose you're outraged at that? And were when the kids sang to Bush?

Y'know, I've tried, because we had some sort of relationship on the other blog. But you're an incorrigible mouther of stuff you hear on Fox without the slightest thought. You have Beck to keep you warm. Your mouthings of him will never change my mind, nor I yours. You see evil in everything Obama. I don't. He's made mistakes, and so have people who support him. Every tick, to you, is a sign of the apocalypse. It's just silly. You haven't said anything I can't hear every day, all day, on Fox.

Adjuster Mike said...

Geez. If the little kids can't sing about the democratically elected leader of our country, what's next. Lets just get rid of civics altogether.

If my 5 year old kindergartner was in kindergarten while Bush was in office, and in a school program they sang an innocent song with President Bush's name in it, I'd be just fine with it.

I'd be fine with it because the lesson to the kids is to learn about and support the growth and prosperity of our country, and our President is part of that.

Sid Schwab said...

A-1: I saved you the embarrassment of posting a comment in which you called me stupid while misspelling half the words in your misguided blithering.

You're welcome.

Frank Drackman said...

I don't respect a man who can spell a word only one weigh...


SeaSpray said...

*We DO have a friendly/respectful blogging relationship and have had for going on 3 years in November.

Dr S -Why didn't you allow me to put up the other two comments answering your questions, Setting the record straight that some of what you said about my thoughts were not true and also stating that I respect you, etc. The ones that had to go through your moderation in the previous post because you closed this one.

Nothing I said was targeted at you other than my usual point of don't generalize.. we conservatives aren't all the same, nor do we get our sources from one news media.

I have never been mean here... ever that I can recall. I have treated everyone with respect... and if I haven't and am unaware about that.. then i am sorry. But I didn't do anything wrong here the other night.

You said "without the slightest thought. You have Beck to keep you warm. Your mouthings of him will never change my mind, nor I yours. You see evil in everything Obama. I don't. He's made mistakes, and so have people who support him. Every tick, to you, is a sign of the apocalypse. It's just silly."

Fine if you want to call me silly. But I do think about what I say.. and thoughtfully. (The cigarette was a JOKE!) The two comments I left you Friday night in response to your last comment about me were thoughtful.

I want to defend what you said about *me* that is not true. I should be able to set the record straight about *myself*. Yes?

here is part of what I said for correction: "As far as creationism.. no..I do not think that should be the only thing taught and have never said that. That would be a religious teaching. You can't teach religion in the public school system. But I do have concerns that it is the only lesson presented. What I'd like to see is the *scientist's* counter teachings to evolution presented and then let the students make up their minds. That would be fair.

There are some interesting counter arguments to evolution.

Possibly you could teach creationism as the 3rd theory? But..don't see how.. because brings God into it.

This.."You see evil in everything Obama. I don't. He's made mistakes, and so have people who support him. Every tick, to you, is a sign of the apocalypse." just not true and I have never said that. I like the man..wish him no ill will, want him to do a good job for this country, want him to go down in history as one of the best presidents ever... but I am sorry... I do not have confidence in his decision making processes at this time, nor do I embrace the far left ideologies... and my opinions are based on the news I see on various channels, what I read and who he surrounds himself with. I *LOVED* his response to carter's ludicrous claim that people who disagreed with him are racist by saying "People might not know this.. but..I was black before the election." Good for him and shut up Carter or we'll never heal the racial divide.

It's your blog and you can say and do as you wish... of course... but when you put up a kkk burning cross and then generalize about Christians being like that... that is offensive. It'd be like me assuming all Germans are like Hitler and thus base my opinions on all Germans accordingly.

Adjuster Mike said...

Frank, the key is no-ing win to use each weigh!!! ha

Chrysalis Angel said...

Okay, respective corners and breathe.

Friendships are every bit as
important as those things that are going on around us in the world. They are worth preserving.

If we all stayed with like, who would learn anything? One of the greatest things of all is knowing when to step away and let it rest.

Sea, I'll talk to you off site.

Sid, a hello to you. Have you been working on that novel yet? I have a friend that has published and now, it looks like they are going to make a movie on it. Pretty interesting process.

Be well, both my friends.

Sid Schwab said...

You're right, of course, Chrysalis A. It'd be a long treatise to explain where I am and why, so I won't try.

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