Friday, October 9, 2009


It's been, what, 6000 years? Finally, God has come up with a new model.

According to the latest specs, etched in two tablets of stone and handed down from atop Mount Sinai, the new bird is anticipated by God to be His finest creation to date. Available in two colors-—male and female—the bird reportedly combines everything God has learned from His previous works into one "new twist on an old favorite."
Wonder what got him thinking he needed to get back to work. I'm guessing it was watching Tom Delay on "Dancing With The Stars," or listening to Glenn Beck.

Once he gets that creation thing back up and running, let's hope he'll recall humans and come up with something a little less embarrassing.

(On the other hand, he did pretty well with this.)


Anonymous said...

Don't really have anything to say...just didn't want your poor excuse for a post to be lonely. I mean, even your regular followers are stayin further away than the President (Peace be upon him) and Reverend Wright...
And if you're gonna slam Creationism, at least get it right, its 6000 AND FIVE years, y'all always forget to account for leap years...


Sid Schwab said...

Thanks, Frankie. Never thought I'd miss you, but I did.

SeaSpray said...

That's nice about Frank.. and admit to being a bit jealous... but do you miss *me* yet? ;)

I know..I give you angst.

Seriously... I'm layin low... and will stay away if you prefer.

And I am being sincere when I say this.. but I don't know what I said that you got so angry with me. You KNOW I respect you..and respectfully disagree with you when it comes to politics and religion.. most of the time.. not always. what?

People come in and say abusive things and mean things.. and then there's Frank... but you banished me and were actually mad.

I'm thinking it was the Obama song comments... which again were sincere and don't understand why you didn't post them... again.. because much worse has been said here..much worse... and even if no one agreed.. they were valid concerns.

And gee...aren't I always respectful? or did I slip somewhere?

And the cigarette was a joke!

So.. what happened?

Sid Schwab said...

Seaspray: you don't give me angst, and I didn't banish you. I just got tired of responding to certain stuff. I could go into the whys and wherefores and specifics, but it's better if I don't.

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