Monday, October 12, 2009

Prized Opinions

These about cover it.


  1. A very good selection that says it all.

    An American in Germany

  2. I disagree with he first one... the WWIII part.

    That was just so wrong to give him the Nobel Peace prize at this time in his presidency.

    Makes the whole think look like a farce.

    I think even he was embarrassed and I think the latter two were right on the mark.

  3. Glad (and surprised) you agree where the Republican party is, Seaspray, in the last cartoon.

  4. If I order 3 Somali Pirates killed and send 70,000 troops to Afghanistan do I get a prize???
    And howcome the presidents head is shaped like a Banana in that last one??? Little bit racist if you ask me? Come to think of it, whats with the Elephants??? Just because his dad was from AFRICA you think Elephants are funny?????
    Say hi to the thought Police,


  5. i don't know how much more crap obama will have to cut through, but it seems like the gods are trying to doom him.

  6. Hey Doc- you are a silver penned devil! I find this blog very worthy, and your opinions full of substance. Good on you. Please keep it up. Yeah, yeah, OK- I'll buy your book.


  7. Seaspray, in answer to a question about which comments I publish and which I don't, I have no particular rules. I'm fine with disagreements; in fact, I wish I got more of them that were cogent and added something new, or made me think about something I hadn't considered. When it's just repetition of stuff that others say over and over, I'm less interested in it, and less willing to engage it than I used to be.

    In other words, I've become intolerant.

  8. I did NOT agree 100% with the last cartoon and my comment explained that.

  9. Pretended ignorance surely deserves a prize. However could it just be socratic irony? Even if it were, and in that case, at least justifying some sort of peacemaking motivation, I guess it actually works as a masterpiece of tragic irony instead. Hopefully Katharsis will not come with pins in anybody's eyeballs.


  10. My first reaction to the award was to be as surprised as everybody else. My second was to be delighted. Someone is actually paying attention to the fact that the Muslim world is actually paying attention to this President of ours, that they're listening to what he said in Cairo, that they're debating it in a culture not known for overly free debate... I grant that some of the motivation may be the committee's relief that he doesn't act like Bush, but then I feel that way too so I can't fault them for that.

    As Newsweek said, only in America could the granting of a Nobel prize be seen as a reason for dissing someone. But such a churlish waste of time to do so! This is our PRESIDENT, people! Let's celebrate!


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