Thursday, July 29, 2010

As Opposed To Governing

Count on it. If Rs take back either or both houses of Congress, government will grind to a halt. Because of people like Michelle Bachmann and Darryl Issa, among others. For a party with no ideas, it's twoly perfect: lots of face time in the media, and no need actually to do anything.

“Oh, I think that’s all we should do,” Bachmann said. “I think that all we should do is issue subpoenas and have one hearing after another. And expose all the nonsense that is going on..."

Making it clearer and clearer, Congressional Rs keep telling us the obvious: they have no intention of governing, and couldn't care less what will happen to our country. And yet, on the backs of people like this, it appears they'll be carried back to power. How sad for us all. What a historic opportunity, wasted.

And Congressional Rs aren't the only ones with fabulous plans.

These are actual people.


Frank Drackman II said...

well, damn if I ain't first agin, still workin 1 hand for a week er more but pain no problem for little Frankie here...the perc's putting down the fire and a touch of sid bombay saffaire washes em south to be picked up. you all prayed fer me big and i thank yall. didn't much belive in it maself till yesterday...guess i was scared stiff (ha). mean real quick but apologize for all the rough ends all these years now. to have frienz like yall, well, brinz me close to tears...

Anonymous said...

DrekMan...(Restraints Be Upon Him)...

Oh, Jesus!...Now he's converted ...quick, transfer him to the psych unit!


SeaSpray said...

Your welcome Frank. :)

Funny "phalica" is the word ver.

Must be all the cialis talk in here.

SeaSpray said...

I liked your softer side Frank.

I knew it was there. Shhh ..I won't tell anyone. ;)

haha! The verifications is "mention". :)

Sid Schwab said...


Anonymous said...

ewwwww-its gene, with the messed up genes.
savin that extra 21st chromosome for a rainy day???
yuor lucky my left arms in a sling, but i'll save a pimp slap for you.

frank"at least i can live within 1200 yds of an elementary school" drackman

Anonymous said...

Heeee's Baaack!

But to the point of the video:

I've seen the signs and the photos, but the added dimension of sound finally brought home the reality of the Brown Shirt dementia and mob mentality of the TeaBaggers.

The prophetic words of Sinclair Lewis have become reality - flag, cross and love of 'action' above all.

Those people are capable of anything, and republicans are using them to set the stage for an American fuhrer.

It's all there: economic turmoil, inflammatory rhetoric, corporate acquiescence, judicial complicity, racial hatred, religious justification, designated scapegoats, violence and ignorance - blind and total ignorance.

"Blind and naked ignorance delivers brawling judgments, unashamed, on all things all day long."

Here we go again!


Sid Schwab said...

Right, Eugene. And among the many perverse ironies of the R strategy is the repeated references to Obama as Hitler, as fascist. It's deliberate, I think: the more people believe that, the more they'll conclude that whatever the Rs want to do, it can't be fascist. And, as usual, because of the cultivating of stupidity, it works.

Anonymous said...

you right, the Hitler/Obama comparison is totally off-base.

Hitler had military experience, wrote his own books, and watever his shortcomings, didn't sit passivley for years listenin to some racist Chicago N-word...


Sid Schwab said...

quod erat demonstrandum, Frankie.

Anonymous said...

DrekMan...(Stains Be Upon Him)...

"watever his shortcomings"

Whatever his "SHORTCOMINGS"???

You must mean shortcomings as in, he didn't guillotine all the Catholic priests and nuns and Protestant ministers who opposed him.

Didn't gas all the Jews and Gypsies.

Didn't turn all the Poles into slaves for the master race.

Didn't fill Russia with German settlers.

Didn't force the Einsatzgruppen to stage enough mass hangings or deport enough polish villagers to resettle the ethnic Germans.

Didn't sterilize all the mentally ill or handicapped citizens of Germany.

Didn't succeed in conquering the world and lost the war.

Those sort of shortcomings?

You forgot to mention that he smelled of sour farts so badly that his Generals attended staff meetings with their handkerchiefs dipped in cologne, held under their noses - as they nodded in agreement to his "Military Experience."

His highest party officials complained about his "work ethic" and his inability to schedule his time.

And he did NOT even make the trains run on time.

Well, he tried, DrekMan - he tried to make a world for nasty little NeoNazi TeaBagging shits like you.

All y'all should appreciate that and not go on about his supposed "shortcomings."

Regarding: "didn't sit passively"

Actually, that's what he did most of the time, like Bush, he appointed opposing Gauleiters to fight over policy, and spent most of his free time at parties and movies.

Now, just stop with the racist striptease of N-word codes - just go ahead and call Obama a nigger - We know you want to.

What are you afraid of? Your friends and admirers on this blog will cover for you and point to your "Heroism" and your "Softer Side."

Just like Adolf - he had a "Softer Side." too.


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