Thursday, July 15, 2010


I've seen plenty of comments in plenty of places calling Obama incompetent for not stopping the oil leak. So, now that it appears to be stopped, does that mean he's suddenly competent, or will the negatrons switch to saying he had nothing to do with it after all? And if so, will they address their hypocrisy or, as usual, ignore it? Will they have a timeline showing how, had Sarah Palin been president, the cap would have been designed, built, and attached sooner?

Personally, short of donning a bell or piloting a submarine or operating the machine tools himself, I've never known exactly what Obama might have done to impress his haters. He did marshall a bunch of scientists and they've been giving approval or withholding it depending on plans. How much they did or didn't have to do with the design and execution of the final cap I have no idea.

Of this, though, there's no doubt: from those who've been trying to hang the whole thing on Obama, there'll be no kudos for the success, and the blame will continue unabated. The truth or fiction of it all is irrelevant.

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Anonymous said...

Off course it's stopped...haven't you heard of "Peak Oil"??...
Too bad he can't/won't? stop the spewing blood in Afghanistan/Iraq, might make a 1000 killed in action by election day.
I know, he's got his hands full makin sure Mexican Drug Trafickers aren't inconvenienced in Arizona...
And for Jehovah's sake, your still beatin that Ronald Reagan Dead Horse to Death(Hush Yo Mouth!!)
I'm bettin that Oil will be spewin within 48-hrs, its simple Physics, I'd Splain' it to ya, but you've got Alzheimers, I Mean, I'd have to kill you.

Frank "Watever happened to Roger Clinton?" Drackman

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