Thursday, July 1, 2010

God The Rapist

The hope of teabaggers everywhere, Sharon Angle thinks rape is God's plan.

In an segment that has gone unnoticed since it first aired, the Tea Party-backed candidate told the Bill Manders show -- a favorable platform for Republican candidates -- that she opposed abortion even in cases of rape and incest. A pregnancy under those circumstances, she said, was "God's plan."

So, if a pregnancy implanted by a rapist is a plan of the sort of god in which she believes, what the hell isn't? And, by that logic, why have any laws at all? God does what he wants, does he not? For that matter, as I've asked many times, many ways, why pray? If a raped woman prays that she not get pregnant (or, heaven forfend, that she not be raped in the first place) why would that be less of an affront to god than having an abortion? If he causes rapes and pregnancies, doesn't he cause abortions? Or is god in cahoots only with rapists? (For a good explanation of God's family planning criteria, read this.)

This woman has an excellent chance of becoming a US Senator. More than Wall Street crimes, more than wars abroad, more than a failed fourth estate, this kind of thinking will be the death of us. Because, more and more, she's everyman: deaf, dumb, and blind. More and more, people are giving up on themselves and on the rest of us, turning it over to a god who, if he's there (and, believe me, I've tried in times past to find evidence), and if he's anything at all like the one in whom Sharon Angle believes, is bumbling at best and cruel and hateful and capricious at worst.

In my view, it's not whether god exists: it's whether people whose view of him mirrors that of Sharon Angle are going to be running our government. The answer, it's becoming more and more clear, is yes. They already control the entire Republican party and their teabagging surrogates. And those people have made it crystal clear they have only anger, not answers. Giving it over to them is giving it over to god. And it's pretty clear that he hasn't been paying much attention. Or is screwing with us: told GWB to invade Iraq, whispered in Delay's ear like Froggy the Gremlin.

If Sharon Angle wouldn't choose an abortion in the case of brutal rape, that's fine with me. What's not fine is to foist on other women that choice, which, as she so clearly stated, is unarguably religious-based. The problem isn't what she believes. It's that she wants to make her religious views the law of the land. To the rapturous joy of her followers, and, as her views are entirely disconnected to reality and devoid of basic knowledge, to the death and destruction of the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

Sid, we get it, there isn't a God, Jesus, do you go around telling Christian Kids there's no Obama?, I mean, Santa Claus?(I do)
The Question isn't how people can vote for Sharon Angle, it's How bad must the Democrat be that people will consider voting for Sharon Angle? Larry Craig could win against that Mercurial Personality that IS Harry Reed. Alvin Green's kicking himself that he ran in South Carolina instead...
and its hard to find a Candidate you agree with 100%, its how like you support the Muslim-in-Chief eventhough he hasn't
1: repealed DADT,
B: Supports the Defense of Marriage Act(Signed by Bill Clinton), or hasn't tried to repeal it, which is the same thing
3:hasn't closed Git-Mo,
D:Cut Military Spending,
4:Caught Osama, and
E:presided over nearly 700 deaths in Iraq/Afghanistan, but don't worry, the Summer Kandahar Offensive is just beginning...
Just for the record, I LIKE abortion, I've Seen for abortions, I've PAID for abortions(with my taxes)
I support the right of undesireable segments of the population to get Abortions!!!
I mean if I had my way, Mrs. Obama wouldn't have been punished with a Baby...


Anonymous said...

If Sharon Angle wouldn't choose an abortion in the case of brutal rape, that's fine with me.

Please. If Angle was in that situation--or pregnant for any other reason she didn't like--she'd find a justification for abortion (only hers, no one else's) in a hot second.

Your belief in the intellectual consistency of wingnuts is kind of touching, though.

Anonymous said...

Interesting paragraphing: "1 B, 3D etc." did you invent it or is that how Teabaggers structure their logic? Viz:"If...she...weighs the same as a duck......she's made of wood..."

"1: repealed DADT"
You say that as if it was a bad thing!

"B: Supports the Defense of Marriage Act(Signed by Bill Clinton), or hasn't tried to repeal it, which is the same thing"

No it's not: Again - "If...she...weighs the same as a duck......she's made of wood"

"3:hasn't closed Git-Mo"
We'll need a place to put TeaBaggers.

D:Cut Military Spending"
Again, You say that as if it was a bad thing!

"E:presided over nearly 700 deaths in Iraq/Afghanistan"

Thank Rumsfeld, Bush, Cheeny & fellow conspirators for attacking the people who didn't attack us instead of going after the people who did.

We lost ten years fighting the wrong people (well, we did want the oil) but even so!

How come you don't count the troops who died for bBush, Cheeny and the oil industry?

No apparent paragraphing: "Just for the record, I LIKE abortion"

Pity you weren't one! I would have paid for it.


Anonymous said...

Ewww-Gene,I DID pay for Your Mom's abortion...
Skank spent it on crack and Malt Liquor...
Tell that Bee-otch she owes me $300


Anonymous said...

No God,??
Explain Jessica Alba, in complete sentences without referring to "Evolution" "Tea Baggers" or the "RWS".
and make sure to show your work.

OK, I can't explain Elen Kagan, except that even God screws up now and then...


Anonymous said...


"I pity the fool":

Yo Fool:

"Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools speak because they have to say SOMEthing"...

Is that all you've got: Yo Mamma?



Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding with this entire, psuedo-intellectual, socialist, anti-Israel (sad, since you are a Jew, at least by birthright)blog and editorials.

Global warming?, dead issue "Al"

Mosques at Trade Center memorial?, not unless I run out of ammo first (not likely at 50,000 rounds stored and counting).

Stop using fossil fuels? and use what in replacement you moron? Your rusty bike left over from Berkley grad school?

I know you won't post this, it's a little too reality based for you and I didn't drop one F-bomb.
Living in a free republic West of the Rockies,


Sid Schwab said...

No, Dave, I will post it. For one thing, posting on a two year old article is hardly the way to get noticed. For another, it's good to let the world know how people in Nampa Idaho think. Plenty of white sheets there, huh?

Feel free not to come back, though. It'd be better for your blood pressure.

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