Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I just heard the sun rises in the East, the sky is blue, and one plus one equals two:

The former MI5 director general Eliza Manningham-Buller today delivered a withering assessment of the case for war against Iraq, saying it had significantly increased the terrorist threat to Britian.

Giving evidence to the Chilcot inquiry, Manningham-Buller said the threat posed by Saddam Hussein before the US-led invasion in 2003 was low.

But the toppling of Saddam allowed Osama bin Laden to gain a stronghold in Iraq and radicalised young Muslims in Britain, she said.

...She said the focus on Iraq had "reduced the focus on Afghanistan", and was damning in her assessment of every stage of the invasion, from the low threat posed by Iraq and the quality of intelligence provided to the reconstruction process after Saddam was toppled.

...She revealed that, during a visit to New York, she had tried to persuade Paul Wolfowitz, the then deputy secretary of defence, not to disband the Iraqi army. Asked whether she had any chance of succeeding, she said: "Not a hope." She said there was "plenty of evidence" that planning for the aftermath of the invasion was "not sufficiently done by the US".

I mean, golly, who could have seen that coming?


Frank Drackman said...

Jeez Sid, close the gate after the Horse has left the Barn much???
OK, I used to go to Civil War Reenactments till I realized the North always won:(
So doesn't explain why your 1/2 Black President is conducting a Summer Offensive in Afghanistan.
Next you'll be tellin me Ronald Reagan started World War 2...
Hey, I'm goin under the knife tomrrow for a Rotator cuff repair, if you don't here from me, I haven't given up, I'm dead.


Sid Schwab said...

I've said many times, Frank, that I don't agree with BHO on Afghanistan. And, since John McCain just said we won in Iraq, and since it's still a disaster, and since Rs seem ready to dig up the body of GWB and carry it around on a stick like... well... you know who, and who... it never hurts to remind folks like you, who are so open to facts, that going back to Bush/Reagan will be the disaster now that it was then.

Good luck with your operation. Never hurts to use the other hand for variety. You can still think of Sarah.

Anonymous said...

DrekMan...(Jeers Be Upon Him)...

Einstein said that insanity consisted of doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

Interesting that you should mention the Civil War; the Southern loss of that war is the primary reason why politicians from Cut&Shoot Texas and Jug Ear Alabama (and guys like you)act like such A-holes: Sore losers, they are re-fighting that war over and over - always hoping for different results.

That's also the (reasoning?) behind all of those reenactments they keep having in the South - they are expecting different results: they think they can still win.

So naturally, in 2012, the TeaBagging Rethuglicans will be running on the Bush record; the one they wrecked the economy with, calling for more tax cuts for the rich, another war - this time on Iran, deregulation, elimination of Social Security and the election of the GinGrinch/Falin ticket - again, expecting different results.

Good luck with the cuff; when you have recovered, I will suggest something else you can sit on and 'rotate'


Dr. John B said...

Well, I have to weigh in after six months of Frank, SeaSpray and Anonymous dominating the e-waves. Let me confess.
I thought Desert Storm to "Liberate" Kuwait was great, but would have negotiated a 20 year deal...$20/bbl oil for your restoration to the kingdom. We should not fight for free anymore.
Attacking Iraq to kill Saddam for WMDs...I thought for 4 months it was correct, then realized we had been duped. Ten million $ could have brought him down in a simple assassination...but we don't do that now. Pity that....
Afghanistan...we sent the Taliban stingers to shoot down Russian Hind choppers...and the Ruskies left. Now we fight the Taliban...somebody explain. We have no exit strategy (Colin Powell on "don't go to Baghdad to Bush I in Desert Storm...very very correct) but deeply criticized at the time....
We have no vision of what "winning" is in Afghan, and as Vietnam, my war, lasted 5 presidents and 59-75 with 58,000+US deaths, forty years later we wear stuff made there...Columbia shirts, Haynes Underwear, Reeboks, etc., and there stands a Five Star Hanoi Hilton...not a prison.
Only Alexander the Great ever occupied Afghanistan, and he for only a few years. Were it not for the 25 or so nuke warheads in Pakistan, we might not be there, but could concentrate on our own borders and internal defences as the danger now is "within".
Frank...I need to have you visit the high Sierra for some spelling lessons, and serious hiking at altitude, but that does not diminish my thrill each time I see you #1 on my friend Sid's blog...you have to admit..the Gulliver picture was awesome. Good results from the rotator, and PLEASE...for me, having been there after a ski smash accident...have some good demerol or morphine at home, because when the "shots" wear off...you are in Force 10 pain. Love all you bloggers for Sid man, even though most of you are on another planet.
And for you, dear pal Sid...the bloody glove holding an #11 blade (used just to lance pus boils) indicates to me that the surgeon stuck himself and may soon test positive for AIDS. Please contact him/her on this.

Dr. John Baldwin Hawkeye Pierce...famous 24th Evac chief of surgery, in the wasted war called "Vietnam"

Frank Drackman said...

Hey Eww-Gene, way to pick on someone when there down, can't wait till whats left of your prostrate rebells...
Ever seen a "Retro-Pubic Prostatectomy"? Makes the execution scene in "Braveheart" look like Mr Rogers Neighborhood.
And if your gonna use that "Insanity" quote, at least get the Author right, it was Ben Franklin in 1790, which you'd have known if you went to an "Intergrated(99% N-Words) Southern Pubic School like I did.
I mean Einstein figured out Gravity, Relativity, E=MC Hammer, and you have to steal Ben Franklin's stuff???
and Dr. Pierce... they've invented new drugs since you lost to the Viet Congs 50 years ago(seriously, how old ARE you?), I'll be cruisin along with my custom Sufenta PCA
, lets see, 25/5/150 sounds about right... and where did I put my Narcan??
Allrgith, its time to go to the hospital, gotta pop a Cialis(wanta look GOOD for the prep) and have a last smoke, you know, like they do with a firing squad.

Frank "Eww-Gene scares young boys" Drackman

Anonymous said...

DrekMan...(Queers Be Upon Him)...

"Against stupidity, the Gods themselves strive in vain"

Inre. Franklin

See: http://www.google.com/search?q=insanity+is+doing+the+same+thing+over&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

Are you a young boy? - Talk like one of course - but the Cialis gives it all away!

Anyway, don't be scared, the big folks will take care of you.

Watch the cigs in the OR - Oxygen!

Sid, sedate him - OK?


Dr. John Baldwin said...

Hawkeye Pierce JB to Frankie: How old am I? (You asked, young man) Frankie, I am 81 and still compete in 10Ks (usually am #1 in my age division), I am Assoc Professor of Surgery (don't laugh) at UCSF and USUHS (the military medical school you have scorned..but without which there would be no Docs in Afghan), I would gladly send you a current photograph of my 150 pound Alaska Halibut, which outweighed me by 5 pounds, but this format does not allow photos.
Frankie...you are recovering from rotator cuff surgery, and I salute you and your recovery. If you emerge after anesthesia, it is a testimony that your were not on anyone's hit list.
Get well my friend and keep up the bugging of the Sid blog site. You are, indeed, #ONE.
THe SId "Word Identification" thing is cool...but after three Bombay martinis...which could be 0.08...I can still handle the "verification"...and so, another filter is cracked.
Get well man, we need your input. Dr. JB...Hawkeye Pierce NAM

Frank Drackman said...

dr pierce...
sorry no capital letters, left arms got a prior engagement.
thats so cool! running 10k's, remember mel brooks "10,000 year old man" bit? we used to tease my grandfather, cause he sounded just like him.
he used to run 10k's to, but he had to stop.
cause he died, he was ummmm 71 i think, got hit by a hearse on the way to a funeral.
OK, he didn't but it woulda made a better story than havin an MI on the toilet.

Oh, that "military med school" you can call it what theydo, "useless" 75% of military docs come from civilain schools, cause what real american wants to be an indentured servent for 16 yrs or whatever usuhs requires now.
they have a hard enough time getting docs to stay for 4 yrs.

i here the osycontins calling.


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