Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Washed Up

Remember when Bobby Jindal was the great non-white hope of the Republican party? How he squealed recently that he wasn't getting enough help in the cleanup from Obama, even though it was he who'd delayed deployment of the thousands of National Guard troops okayed by the President?

Better yet, recall Bobby's demand for help building berms to protect the shores, the fact that scientists said they'd wash away, and the fact that -- giving in, no doubt, to pressure and claims from the RWS™ that this was "Obama's Katrina" -- the effort was approved? (Wonder where the company awarded the contract ranked in donors to Jindal? Name of Shaw?) Anyone curious how it all worked out? Whether science was right, or a partisan and science-free former exorcist?

June 25:

July 2:
July 7:

[Update: some might sense I take a certain amount of pleasure in the titles of my posts. I just realized a much better one for this: Berming Man. Oh well. An opportunity lost.]


SeaSpray said...

Our friend's son was recently deployed to New Orleans. he's in the Coast Guard. they got there last week and are being payed a hundred dollars a day on top of pay.

I heard from his Mom and he texted to my son (friends since babies - 2 days apart)..that they are still very disorganized down there. They had nothing to do for almost a week. Staying in a hotel. Also that it is way worse than anything being reported on TV. he said people have no idea from what they see on the news as to just how bad this is.

Those pictures are disturbing and I feel so sad looking at them.

Sid Schwab said...

To me, what's disturbing about the pictures is the fact that such a result was entirely predictable. And predicted. It's what happens when we elect to high office people who reject science and think their own judgements are part of some god or other's plan.

Jindal believes in the devil, in exorcism. Fine. Let him. But he also believes in teaching creationism in schools. In other words, like so many other Republicans, he wants to make the public as credulous as he is. That way, they won't question, or even know how to.

That's why it's disturbing.

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