Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dick Is Done

Dick Lugar, R-Sanity, will get the axe as surely as John Boehner cries and Sarah Palin lies. He's been the closest thing to reasonable among Republicans in Congress for a long time, but now he's crossed a line.

WASHINGTON -- Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), increasingly a voice of reason and moderation within his own GOP, gave President Obama credit on Sunday for reaching out to Republicans, breaking with the party-line criticisms that the administration is not listening at all to the opposition. He also warned his colleagues against becoming the "party of no," saying that voters will start to hold Republicans accountable if they don't offer actual solutions.
Bucking his leadership, putting country first (remember that?), he's even come out in support of START.

Taking up arms, leaving their spell-checkers and punctuation behind, the resistance is rising:

There has been a lot of discusion about Dick Lugar, and I would say most is not good. Most feel, Lugar needs to leave, but fanuary 2013 is a long way off. We need to satart a Petition, asking Senator Lugar to consider, early Retirement. He has gone left of Center,and made himself available for a Campaign add to help Obama secure the Presidency. That alome was reason enough for his early departure. He has cros ed the line in Conservative Politics, and become a Rino, dreaded to all Conservative's everwhere.

The race to be rid of him has begun. His sad attempts to show his conservative bona fides to the teabaggers ain't working. Because the last thing this country needs is a sensible conservative, interested in ideas and collaboration. If we had problems to solve, maybe, yeah. But things are just fine; or they will be, once they take us back to Ronald Reagan and Jesus Christ. (In that order: first things first.)


Anonymous said...

He won't get recalled early. He's very respected in most of IN, and while he might get someone running against him seriously next time, if he's going to retire, people will just position themselves to take over his "legacy".

--Alexandra Lynch

Anonymous said...

Someone seriously needs to publish a Republican to English translation book. Because I just can't figure out how Senator Luger, who is to the right of the moderate conservative President Obama can be considered "left of center". I assume that President Reagan would now be considered a socialist in the republican party? I hate to know what they would call President Nixon.


Sam Spade said...

MV: Exactly. Nixon instituted price controls! And Eisenhower was way soft on defense. He would be lucky to get off with re-education, but more likely would be disappeared should he show his pinko head these days.

I always say, the founding fathers instituted things like the US Post Office on the belief that citizens should be informed. The suggestion now that universal internet access is fundamentally good would be met with derision. These guys would be outraged if someone suggested public libraries for the first time now.

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