Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hard to see much difference between this and this.

You can photoshop a smile, but not the crazy.


OHN said...

Side by side--BIZARRE. Great find.

Sid Schwab said...

As I said, the pictures are photoshopped. But not the behavior.

SeaSpray said...


Sid Schwab said...

I guess it'd be silly to hope that the sigh was because you're starting to realize how crazy (and dangerous) GB is, huh SS?

SeaSpray said...

Yes ...yes it would be.

It was a sigh of disappointment and frustration that again attempt at linking a conservative with the crazy killer.

Vehemently disagree with GB's philosophy/politics,faith ..the way he breathes ..whatever ... but to link him to an insane killer just so wrong. Everyone knows the truth now thanks to most of the talking heads. Didn't that get forced on the public by most of the media and the darling sheriff for the first week after the Arizona shootings? Didn't the president come out against this kind of thing? Or was it really doublespeak? I believed him when he spoke.

Is your putting something like that up inflammatory? Could this cause someone already predisposed to violence to seek GB out to get rid of all the crazy people?

How about that guy the police had to arrest who was talking about a necklace of Palin's ears:

And to think commenters defended him??? SICK!

..or the congressman comparing conservatives to Goebbels? Why wasn't that stuff all over the media ad nauseam? Where was the loud outcry against that?

So much for toning it down.

Double standard.

I know people get carried away with rhetoric. I am against the pc police and think it is overkill. OOPS! I probably shouldn't have used the word *kill*.

My frustration is that the liberals get a pass ..maybe a brief mention if the reporter has to, yet one word from a conservative will be attacked for days and days and they will be painted as the most awful person on the planet.

Fortunately ...the public is finally becoming wise to it all.

SeaSpray said...

And GB does NOT look like that.

Sid Schwab said...

Your ability to miss a point, seaspray, is exceeded only by your ability to repeat the same points, and miss them too.

My point, if you're interested, is that both guys are insane. No linking. They're both f*cking nuts.

Go ahead, once again, and mention lefty crazies. It's not the point.

On the other hand, how about this from your hero? She's 78. Wrote stuff in 1966. (In 1966 I wrote a letter to LBJ saying I trusted our government and if he said we needed to be in Vietnam, I believed him.)

And, by the way, the Congressman and his Goebbels comparison WAS all over the media, and was roundly condemned, even from the left. If you think otherwise, it can only be because you believe the crap you hear every day on Fox "news" or from Rush. You might not have noticed, but they lie for a living. It was covered. Like crazy. Gimme a break.

And to think commenters defend Glenn Beck, who uses Nazi references as much as he breathes. Sick!

I envy you your ability to live in the world seeing only what you want to see, believing only what you want to believe. I don't doubt it makes life much easier.

Sid Schwab said...

And I've said, what, three times, now, that it's photoshopped. (Not by me.)

No kidding, SS, it's starting to get annoying. You simply can't hear what I'm saying, and, clearly, because you prefer your world to reality.

And I'm sorry if I offend. It's just that in my world I don't have experience dealing with people who are so resolutely refractory. Everything you've said in this thread is entirely, observably wrong.

Sid Schwab said...

And, not to beat a deaf horse, SS, but are you aware of what Rep Cohen actually said, and in what context and tone? I agree with Jon Stewart who pointed out he didn't need to go to the Nazi reference when he could have simply pointed out that the whole bunch of them are liars; but he wasmaking an actual historical point. Goebbels DID speak of repeating a lie over and over enough so that people would start believing it.

Which is exactly what's happening in the health care debate, Republican style. It's literally true: they repeat lies over and over, lies that have been clearly debunked, again and again. Why, if not to get people like you to believe them?

And note that this is in juxtaposition with the many times people like your idol GB, and Michele Bachmann, and countless others, have accused Obama of "nazi" tactics with NO facts behind them: FEMA camps, taking your children and turning them into brownshirts.

So whereas I think Mr Cohen was unwise, in the context of the so-called new civility, what he said was historically accurate and factually correct. As opposed to your heroes, who simply make sh*t up.

And, speaking of being aware of what was said, before you jumped to conclusions about what I was saying, did you actually follow the provided links, or not? Because, whether you agree or not, the point I was making became pretty obvious.

Frank Drackman said...

OMG THAT IS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and I've got one of those real big Jewish Schnozzes even though I'm only 1/2 Jewish.
and when I was a kid other kids called me "Pinochio".
OK, it was just my Dad.
Its almost as funny as those pics of the President(Peace be upon Him) with a bone through his nose.

SeaSpray said...

He is not in anyway like the killer.

Say what you want about everything else ..but just not like that. he is not a murderer or insane.

I've yet to hear anyone be so vile like the guy with the ear necklace threats against all those conservatives. Now THAT is alarming to know *he* is out there walking around. Maybe he is crazy ..but perhaps even worse ..there were other people actually justifying his SICK comments. Wow.

My point about not hearing about it was not ad nauseam. usually that stuff goes on for days if it's Palin, etc. It's reality.

You said the smile was photo shopped and so I thought you were inferring the eyes were real.My mistake. And still ..2 wrongs don't make a right. *Using the logic of the left regarding inflammatory* would seem putting up something like that pic of GB could stoke the crazee fires for the unbalanced types.

Btw ..I can appreciate that liberals like the comparison and I really don't care. But if you are going to use the inflammatory argument ..then you can't inflame.

Oh Dr S what is the big deal about the GB montage you put up? SHEESH!

Gotcha! ;)

I didn't like it either. But was also out of context. I would never discuss killing someone with a shovel and so of course I don't like that. I never hear his show on radio. I used to listen to Morning Joe and Mika (sp?) on abc radio at that time. Now just Joe Crummy if radio on. Don't really like him either.

Health care? You mean the health care bill that was passed without our politicians understanding/knowing what was in it or it's long term ramifications? The bill they admitted to not reading? The bill filled with all the earmarks that have nothing to do with health care?

You know ...all the things you accuse me of ..I could flip back on you. Like they say ...sometimes great minds have to agree to disagree.

Yes ..I've been known to be a bit headstrong. :)

Head toss and I'm off!

Happy Sunday and rest of the week Dr S. May we all have a good week. :)

Sid Schwab said...

"Out of context."

Explain. Demonstrate. Defend.

Sid Schwab said...

Yeah. Like you drink milk, Frankie.

SeaSpray said...

First, I just want to say I hadn't seen that video of him stalking around. It was giving me major creeps. We live our everyday lives, send our kids to school, go to work, whatever and we should not have to worry about these things. It all feels so different now. No more innocence. Evil has always been around and flourishes in places. But never felt so unsafe before. I don't mean just because of this latest incident. It's been increasing. And privacy never felt so invaded before.

I feel like taking another moratorium from all news for awhile. Then it will seem safer and more innocent.

Regarding your last comment to me ...I don't have to is obvious that there was more to each clip.

I know he does not advocate violence. I have seen him admonish people NOT to be violent in anyway.

If you showed me the same montage but it was BHO or Pelosi ..I would still assume it was out of context.

The guy stating how he would like to hang conservative ears on a necklace ..Palin, Bachman, Limbaugh, etc. order by size and stating they should be tortured ..that was NOT out of context.

I feel both sick and scared when I think of that ...such hate and violent thought. I know it's everywhere. Not just politics. I am afraid of people like that ...that have such vile thoughts.

I also see nothing wrong with using words like target or other goal oriented expressions. PC has gone too far. If a word will make someone go bonkers well then they were there already. Shoot ..I suppose I can't open a sentence with shoot anymore because I might trigger ..wait ..can't say trigger either ..hmmm ... I'll hone in on ..wait no ..can't hone in ...ugh's enough to make one fit to be tied ..oh no I don't want to see anyone get tied up because of my comment and so ..I'll stop here.

And when you call me SS ..I seriously hope you are not insinuating ..I am like one of those SS guys in WWII ..although I am half German.

Seriously ...I hate the overkill (I can't help it) with the PC stuff.

And now have a good week all.

Sam Spade said...

Glenn Beck: You're going to have to shoot 'radicals' in the head. What does he need to say before you will admit that he incites violence?

Anonymous said...

"And GB does NOT look like that.*

‘You’re going to have to shoot them in the head,’ Beck said of Democratic leaders

Discussing Democratic leaders during a June broadcast for the Republican Fox News Channel, conspiracy host Glenn Beck told his followers they would have to "shoot them in the head" in order to bring an end to an alleged "communist" agenda.

*Yes he does - look at his face SS, when he says "shoot them in the head"



No, no comparison, not any comparison, (what are you crazy?) kind of comparison could anybody in his or her right mind make to Pigboy Beck inciting to murder and the Tucson killer… Not no how, no way!

"None so blind than those who refuse to see."

Anyway SS, you said you would reply as to whether you thought Missus Palin was lying when She claimed that "We never intended for those X's (surveyor's marks?) on the map to look like crosshairs."

Remember? Then it came to light, that she had bragged about the efficacy, of what she had described, on Twitter, as bull's eyes on the map she posted on her website.

So what do you think SS, did she lie about the "Bulls eyes" hoping that nobody would notice or what?


Sid Schwab said...

Clearly out of context, Sam. He was talking about free radicals and heart disease. And when he said he was making a list of liberals he wanted to hit in the head with a shovel, he was referring to

Wait, wait, I'm thinking... It'll come to me...

Sid Schwab said...

And Eugene, you should be ashamed: getting all facty like that.

Or, like me, you should be embarrassed to think that reasoning resonates.

Anonymous said...

"It was a sigh of disappointment and frustration that again attempt at linking a conservative with the crazy killer."

Do you swoon also? if you do, you really need a "Fainting Couch"

See one at:

Price: $425.00 - it looks like it will take a lot of wear and it will save the stress of getting up from the floor.

Now about how Pigboy doesn't incite violence:

“The life of a 78-year-old New York professor may be in danger after she was made a target by Fox News' Glenn Beck”

“The Fox News host has been focusing on Piven since December 2009, and just last week he called her an enemy of the Constitution. He has also labeled her one of the "nine most dangerous people in the world."

This video is from Fox News' Glenn Beck, broadcast Dec. 22, 2010.

It's not the first time that Beck viewers have taken his words a step further.

“Byron Williams, who engaged in a 12-minute shootout with California Highway Patrol, said Beck's rants about the Tides Foundation were an inspiration. Williams described Beck as being "like a school teacher."

The 45-year-old "highway shooter" who engaged in a 12-minute shootout with California Highway Patrol officers earlier this year now says Fox News host Glenn Beck has been an inspiration for his activity.


So SSWoman, did you go to:

Did you look at his face in that video clip, as he told his followers to shoot democrats in the head? Not crazy, not delusional, not inciting?

Actually, that clip should tell anybody all they need to know about the Pigboy; and actually it tells us more than we need to know about someone (that would be you SSWoman) who would defend such a person.

And, come on now, you said you would comment as to whether you thought Missus Palin was lying when She claimed that "We never intended for those X's (surveyor's marks?) on the map to look like crosshairs."

Keep your word now! Missus Palin (being for truth and all) would want you to.


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