Friday, January 14, 2011

No-Fault Assurance

It was a tea party mob. Their chosen candidate stood by. Hate was palpable. Subsequent comments were even worse. But, no, no responsibility there. Bringing up political hate is "divisive," it's "politicizing tragedy." Even to ask the question or to want to have a clear-headed discussion.

Contrast the Congressman's words to those used against him.

Incidentally, here's (in a comment thread) some rich (and satisfying) irony:

Does anyone else see the irony in this tragedy? In Arizona, the state that has been the de facto "face" of recent political gay bashing (DADT-McCain) and Racism (their highly controversial immigration law), a white straight man shoots a member of congress who then has her life saved by a gay Hispanic American. It's poetic.


Anonymous said...

Talk about your stereotypes...
So you assume the Shooter was heterosexual because umm WHY exactly??
And I guess the Hispanic American(why not just "American"?) is Gay cause he lisps? Maybe he just didn't get proper orthodontic care as a Hispanic American Child.
and if "DADT" is Gay Bashing, guess that makes Bill Clinton the Ex-Gay-Basher-in-Chief, you know since DADT was his idea, just like DOMA, that's still the law of the land.

Frank German/Jewish/Southern/Baptist/So Straight My Back Hurts/American Drackman

Sid Schwab said...

Why do I assume he's straight (actually it was the quote, not me...) I guess because his girlfriend said so, Frank.

Why assume the rescuer is gay (actually it was the quote, not me)? Because he says so.

DADT was the best Clinton could do in the climate of the times. It was bad then, bad now. DOMA: worse.

Sam Spade said...

I was a little awed by the video and felt sure that not even Frank would crack wise here. And yet, there he is, humping away like a caged Jack Russell with a bitch urine-soaked plush Minnie Mouse.

Anonymous said...

To bad Gay Hispanic Boy couldn't help if Rep Gifford needed Blood/Platelets.
And I'm not the one who doesn't let Gays donate Blood/Blood Products..
That would be "The Red Cross".
I know, they don't prohibit Gays per se, just Men who've had sex with Men (Even Once!) since January 1st 1977.
So Gays who've been selibate for 34 years are good.
And I know what your thinkin, punk, I donate blood every 2 Months, got that AB(neg)and I like that Head Rush when you smoke a cig right after givin a unit..


Cory said...


You lil' goof ball...

Do you have a continuous head rush from sniffin your own gas all the time? This would explain all- you lil' stooge!!

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