Wednesday, July 13, 2011



Anonymous said...

Sorry, couldn't make it through the promo for "Take me Home Tonite" to see what your point was...
Thats how Geniuses be, short attention span dontcha know, its why you never saw Einstein reading a Steven King Novel, Newton listening to "The End" or Steven Hawkins running the Boston Marathon, even if he wasn't in a Wheelchair.
And "Dick"s just the PC version of the "N" Word which ironically enough is spoken 99% of the time by N-Words.
The other 1% is my Dad...
And can you believe I got suspended a whole week in 6th grade for using the "F" word in class?
Not THAT "F" word the other one.
"Fart", thats right, I missed a whole week of whatever they were teaching at the pubic school cause when a teacher asked me what I was laughing at I said
"Brian just Farted"
and Brian, the guy who farted, didn't get disciplined at all...
and if you've made it this far, congrats, you don't have the ADHD.
And your right, the President IS an N-Word,
I mean Dick.


Cory said...

Frank- your childhood explains a lot about you. Get over it, and your Mighty Whitey schtick- please. The President is a human being.

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