Monday, July 11, 2011

Everything You Need To Know

It couldn't be clearer why we're where we are; namely, heading for disaster. "No matter what" is the operative phrase.

TeabaggRs, who claim sole proprietorship of the Constitution, who'd have us believe they are virtual sperm banks for the founding fathers, seem oblivious to the compromises on which our country was founded. In every article of that teabagger-owned Constitution, vastly disparate views were met somewhere near the middle, because all parties had in mind the creation and sustenance of a viable country. Such compromises were the building blocks of our democracy; now, teabaggRs are building blockheadedness.

It defies understanding. It's damn near indescribable. Not only are so-called Republicans clinging to policies which were at the heart of our recent collapse, they're completely ignorant of the origins of the country they're so eager to destroy. "No matter what."

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