Monday, July 25, 2011

Love Thy Neighbor

Predictable as odor in a cesspool, as same-sex couples began marrying in New York, there were protests. Angry, righteous protests. A sign I saw on a news broadcast said "Homosexuality is a sin greater than murder." A sin. Greater than murder. All of the signs in the preceding link are religious-based, many referring to passages in the Bible.

So here's my question: why are there no protests outside of restaurants that serve shellfish? Or beef Stroganoff? When will there be demonstrations at the homes of parents who don't stone their kids to death for not observing the Sabbath? Or talking back?

Clearly, the only objection to gay marriage is a religious one. Fine. Keep it in your heart. But what's the civic issue? Despite the claims, where's the evidence of harm to "traditional marriage" or to society, or to any of the people out there with their signs? Nowhere, of course: there is none. I wonder if any of those protesters feel as strongly about teacher layoffs, or the recent shutdowns in the FAA; from those policies there are clear impacts on all of us.

Do they have a right to protest? Sure, why the hell not? But of all the issues currently facing us, only this has no -- zero! -- impact on anyone not planning a same-sex marriage. Show me evidence to the contrary. Look at the joy on the faces of the recently married. Where in gods' name is the harm? Had they an ounce of human empathy, those protesters would be ashamed; but, of course, the self-righteous, certain of the singular perfection of their particular choice of religion they plucked from the grab bag of thousands and modified to their own needs, are incapable of feeling shame. Not, at least, over the harm they cause others in the name of their sanctified hatred.


Anonymous said...

Sid, Sid, Sid,
the problem is it's never Natalie Portman/Scarlett Johanssen french kissing in the obligatory gay marriage photos..
its more like Barbara Miculski and Roseanne Barr...
Which Our President(Peas be upon Him) disapproves of BTW.
SSM I mean, not Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johannsen kissing.
And it's the only thing me and Him agree on, except for the value of Guantanamo as a perfect site to detain illegal enemy combatants/extending the Bush, I mean Obama tax cuts/continuing the Bush, I mean Obama wars in Iraq/Arghanistan/Killing Bin Laden/picking a retard for his VP..
Oh yeah, those Somalian Pirates he ordered shot in the head, I liked that too.

And as long as the Red Cross won't accept blood from Men who've had Sex with Men(even once!)since 1977, the Homos can get married as many times as they want, just like the Mormons.
And unlike my Blockbuster Card, which is good in all of the 57 States, including New York, where I once rented a copy of Maria Carey's masterpiece "Glitter", Gay Marriage is valid only in the states everyone's movin away from anyway...


Sid Schwab said...

That shtick is getting pretty boring, Frankie. Got anything else?

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