Thursday, August 4, 2011

News Item

For some reason I hadn't heard this. Maybe it's because I get all my news from Fox.
Hege Dalen and Toril Hansen have rightly become national heroes in Norway after they rescued 40 fleeing teens from the massacre on Utoya Island. Using their boat, they made multiple trips into the waters around Utoya where Anders Breivik was murdering 69 people and ferried as many as they could to safety. Bullet holes later discovered in their boat indicate Breivik fired upon them. There's been some concern among the gay community that their story hasn't received the attention it should because they are a married lesbian couple.

Those who oppose gay marriage do so on religious grounds, so they claim. It goes like this: being gay is a choice. The(ir) bible says homosexuality is a sin. Therefore...

Implicit is the corollary that since these people are choosing to affront god, they are godless. And to those same people who make such arguments, people who are without god have no basis for morality.

So I wonder what explains this behavior. For that matter, I wonder what explains the silence of the press...

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Anonymous said...

Sid, Sid, Sid, your more out of touch than Steven Hawkins at a Nascar race...
Being Queer(Thats what THEY call themselves) is like being lefthanded..
Do you think I CHOSE to never be able to play Thirdbase/shortstop/Second base/Catcher intentionally?
And just TRY and find a left handed larynoscope at 3am...
Surgeons have it easy, Laparoscopes, Oh, I'm sorry Old Man,
SCALPELS are ambidextrous, just like condoms.
and in ancient times Lefthanders were treated WORSE than Homos, at least in that Queer Nation of Greece.
Real Americans LOVE Lesbians, especially hot ones..
its the Homos we don't like, and not in the sense that we want to drag them Matthew Shepherd style, we just don't want em doin our DRE...
and do you know how hard it is to find a chick Urologist?

Frank "I love Lesbians" Drackman

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