Thursday, August 25, 2011

Climate Changer

Some guy named Lord Monkton, with no background in science but who nevertheless is considered an expert and who has actually testified before Congress at the request of Republicans, is a climate change denier. (No surprise that a person who's published not a single paper on the subject is the go-to guy for teabaggRs who want to ignore facts.) For those who have the interest (and willingness to listen to a fairly boring and dysanimated speaker), here's a series of videos comprising a lecture by someone with actual scientific background who takes apart the dear lord, carefully, in detail, factually, piece by piece.


  1. No Background in Science?, testified before Congress? lisping voice that doesnt match his 300+lb girth?
    Oh Sorry, thought you'd seen the light about AlGore...
    and I can't prove it, but I'd bet my left testicle AlGore was in Mineral Virginia tuesday...
    and I'll admit, yes, its been hotter than King Kong's Scrotum(my dad used to say that but he didn't say "Scrotum")in Jaw-Jaw this Summer, so hot, even my Salvadoran Lawn Service Hombre's(Thats "Dude" in S-panol)asked if they could start at 7am...
    and I've been usin the remote control to start my ZO6, run the AC 15-20 minutes before makin that 2 mile drive to the Cigar store...


  2. Okay, the Gore point is well-taken. Not bad. On the other hand, Al reports actual science, and the good lord lies like King Kong's scrotum.


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