Thursday, August 11, 2011

No Doubt About It

Sometimes you can only gain perspective by imagining a flip-side. Thinking about teabaggers...

If they were liberals – Fox News would run headlines: “Liberals Hate America.” ...

These liberal obstructionists would be called terrorists. Not just maybe once in a private off the record meeting with the VP – but on the record and all the time. Since these liberal freshmen would seem to have the same economic goals for the U.S. as Osama bin Laden – that would be pointed out repeatedly. They’d be accused of treason. ... There would be calls to deport them...

If liberals were doing to their country what extremist tea party Republicans are doing to theirs – it would be called unpatriotic. A whole tsunami of sound bites would sweep the country calling for the sabotage to stop.

Liberal dissent is akin to a security breach but conservative economic calamity is given a pass. We’ve treated the tea party like they are our country’s kooky, graying, drunken uncle at Thanksgiving dinner spouting some non sequiturs he picked up on AM radio. When really they are well-funded economic saboteurs who refuse to participate in the democratic process. Their goal of causing the executive branch of government to fail means our entire country goes with it.

The media likes to pretend it treats the political spectrum as opposite equals. The right is the same as the left – the other side of the same argument. Politics is not symmetrical nor is the coverage of the partisans. Nothing makes this clearer than the coverage and tolerance of the brinksmanship-happy tea party.

If liberals did this to their own country they’d be called criminals. The tea party did do this to their own country and they are treated like avant-garde Civil War reenactors.

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Anonymous said...

Whats so "Civil" bout' Civil War anyway?
and wasn't that what y'all hippies said bout' Veet'Nam?
Its just a "Civil War" between Vietnamese?
and down South we prefer "Wah Between the States", "The Wah of Southern Independence" or the more accurate
"Wah of Naw-thun Agression"

and let me know when some Towel-Head throws a Shoe at the Peas-Eater-in-Chief...

Frank "I don't want Yo Civil Wah" Drackman

PS My "Word Verification" was "Taint" :)

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