Friday, August 5, 2011

They Approve?

It surprises me not at all that the latest polls show 84% disapproval of the job Congress is doing. What's a shocker is that 14% actually approve. What can it possibly be that they find satisfying; and who the hell are these people?

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Anonymous said...

Umm I think it's the people on YOUR side, Namenda-Breath...
you know, the ones who cant wait for the full implentation of the "Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act"
and even though its probably over your life expectency, I mean income level, starting 1-1-2013(3 weeks before President Bachman becomes the hottest POASS ever)there's a %0.9 income tax increase for anyone over a paltry 250k.
and I know, your retired, you don't care, but theres an even higher %3.8 increase on investment income.
Oh yeah, the way the markets going you won't have any...
never mind


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