Monday, August 22, 2011

They Just Can't Help It

Congenital assholes John McCain and Lindsey Graham have issued a statement on Libya:

"Americans can be proud of the role our country has played in helping to defeat Kadafi," the senators said in a statement released late Sunday night. "But we regret that this success was so long in coming due to the failure of the United States to employ the full weight of our airpower."

Got it. Our president managed for the first time, ever, to get a desired result by initiating action and then letting others bear most of the military and financial burden. No boots on the ground (that we know of), no US deaths (that we know of). And that's regrettable? It took too long? By what standard? Iraq? Afghanistan?

Not arguing the right or wrong of having intervened at all, it's nevertheless much preferable, in my view, to have let the revolution play out in its own time, with its own people, without the sight -- for once -- of American troops cruising through towns like occupier/liberators. Ownership, is what it's called. Of which there seems to be none in the aforementioned Georgian wars.

But those two frustrated war-lovers think we should regret how it happened. Our military exhausted, our country in debt, soldiers dying by their own hand rather than return for a tenth mission: that pair of jock straps for our troops think we should have done more. Dropped more bombs, claimed more scalps. Thumped more chests. Because of some rusty clock in their Obama-deranged heads; and their belief that having friends in the world counts for nothing.

Pathetic. Country first, they once said. There's simply no way forward when this is how it is.

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