Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And The Words Of The Prophets Are Spoken...

George Carlin. As close to a prophet as we've ever had. Ignore the language if it offends, but the message, in three minutes, is exactly and pretty much entirely what I've been saying here for years; other than the fact that I've been pinning it, politically anyway, mostly on one so-called party. Because I see the Rovian connection to the religious right as central to the plan to disuneducate the voting masses.

Nevertheless, if I'd seen this clip before, I guess I could have just re-posted it every day and saved myself a lot of trouble. He says it all, succinctly, dead-on. Look around: what did he get wrong?

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Larry Simoneaux said...

...193 seconds that should be required viewing daily in every classroom in this country from elementary through college. Shown just after the Pledge of Allegiance to make a point.


Uhh, they still do the Pledge of Allegiance?


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