Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brief Observation

I think, in comparing the gatherings of teabaggers and those of the "Occupy Wall Street" transaction, one can see the difference between a deftly organized, well-funded, faux (as in Fox) "grassroots" movement designed to deceive its members into agitating for a hidden agenda, and an unfocused actual grassroots action of limited means.

Sadly, it also demonstrates a significant difference between conservatives and liberals, in the US anyway: the former are single-minded and ruthless; the latter unable to find a coherent and succint message, much less stay on it.

Nor should we fail to notice the dismissiveness of the national media and the RWS™ toward OWS, compared to their gaga over teabaggers; same with a long list of teabaggR politicos.

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Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, people who think of themselves as rank-and-file Tea Partiers have common interests with the OWS crowd. If they're making under six figures, the system sticks it to them at every opportunity too--no matter what their view of it is.

If the two movements could somehow join forces, they'd have every politician in the country crapping himself.

-Molly, NYC

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