Monday, October 10, 2011

Couple 'a Communiss

Class warfare at its most egregious. Shame on them both.

[Credit to John Kennedy Toole, in the title.]

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Anonymous said...

Watever, you know what I hated about the Gipper??
umm that nickname "Gipper" for one thang, he only played him in a movie for Jehovah's sake, its like if William Shatner became President and everyone called him "Kirk".
and those damn Windsor Tie Knots...
I spent the whole 80's trying to tie those thangs, why I finally went into Anesthesia...
No Knots, No Ties, No Tie-ing.
Didn't say that during the Interview, nah, its the physiology, excitement, key to the narc cabinet...
just kidding, they haven't had keys for years.


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