Sunday, October 9, 2011

Signs Of The Apocalypse


Amish Men's Beards Cut Off; Police Suspect Amish-On-Amish Violence
Sheriff's deputies are closing in on suspects from a troublemaking Amish splinter group in Ohio who have broken into homes and cut off the beards and hair of other Amish men...

Time to throw in the towel. We're done.

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aek said...

Amish use shunning, and the ring leader (who doesn't have an Amish last name, curiously, making me wonder if he was a convert) & his family were shunned long ago. Methinks this guy is a domestic abuser big time because there just is zero violence among Amish. Period.

The worst crime is when the teens do some drunken hellraisin during their Rumspringa (for example driving a buggy while drunk and letting the horse wander home. Yes, and it was reported in the local paper)

For Amish to allow contact with law enforcement means that they must be absolutely terrorized. They tolerate terrible harassment from the non-Amish community and turn a blind eye.

This guy also, per the news reports, is traveling over 100 miles between communities to visit his victims. He's not doing that via buggy travel, so he's got some non-Amish aiding and abetting going on.

Didn't you care for Amish when at CWRU? They were routinely camped out in the back hallways of Lakeside when I was doing my clinicals there. So many genetic anomalies and complex problems.

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